Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How Lacey entertains herself

Since mobility is an issue for Lacey and she doesn't really have the patience to crawl or scoot around this is what she does-

Lacey's Exciting Day!

Well it all began on Sunday afternoon. Lacey and Abby were dancing around to some music in their room while we were moving the kids bedrooms around. One second everyone was happy, the next Lacey was crying on the floor saying her foot hurt. So we just figured that she had sprained her ankle. There wasn't anything in their room to jump off of since we were moving stuff around so I don't even know what really happened. She cried for a while and we gave her some Motrin and put a little wrap on it, but she wouldn't but any pressure on it at all, she wouldn't even crawl around! She wanted to be carried all around.
Monday morning she was the same, still said it hurt and still would not put any pressure on it. So I called my Dad who give excellent advise on just about everything! He said keep an eye on her and call the doctor and see what they say. So I ended up calling mostly just to see "how long is too long to wait to take her in", the lady went to ask a nurse, got back on the phone and asked it I could bring her in later that morning. So to the doctor we went.
The doctor felt her foot and ankle and moved her foot around and only once did Lacey flinch. She never said a word or made a sound! The only time she cried was when he stood her up to see if she would walk, which of course she didn't. He was like "well if she was really hurt she wouldn't be letting me poke and push on her like that but we will take some x-rays just in case.
So now we are back in the room after x-rays which she didn't enjoy at all and we waited for the doctor to come in. The door opens and the doctors stands there for like 3 seconds with this look of astonishment on his face and is silent! I was like "what?" He said "she broke her tibia!" I asked where at and as he turns to leave the room he says "I'll get the x-ray, I just can't believe it!" I was really funny!
Then he says that she will be in a cast for 6 weeks and I was like "oh great-this will be fun!". So then we were off the the Orthopedic place to get her cast. She was awesome!! When we got there she was all smiles and talking and all the nurses were like "She doesn't seem like a little girl with a broken leg!" What can I say, I have weird kids.
So then the Pediatric Orthopedic guy comes in and says "All right we need to keep her leg immobilized so she will be in a cast from her toes to the top of her thigh for 2 weeks then come back and we will put on that goes to her knee for 4 weeks" I was like "oh my gosh!! there goes your Easter egg hunt Lacey!"
She sat on my lap the whole time they put her purple cast on with one of her famous scowls on her cute little face and was completely silent! She didn't utter one sound! She was awesome and they were all amazed at how good she did.
So now she want everyone to sign it, its pretty cute. And we painted her toes so now they look cute sticking out of her cast.
She is doing really well. She can get down off of anything, but only get up onto the couch, everything else is too high for her. She has tried crawling but since we don't have carpet in the living room her cast slips all over the place and she doesn't get very far! So most of the time she scoots on her butt, even then she mostly is scooting over to someone for them to pick her up. Here is her new position while we are shopping!
It will be a long two weeks!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Music in my dreams!

I was peacefully dreaming early this morning, I don't remember what I was dreaming about but I remember all of sudden I realized music started playing in the background! It was real quiet like in a movie. So then I was wondering where the music was coming from! That was when I started to wake up and realized it was coming from the tv!! Bryan uses the tv as an alarm clock and has the timer set to turn on in the morning-last night I fell asleep watching Real World (I know I know but it can be pretty funny!). So anyway they play music videos in the morning apparently-I was just lucky that it was a nice mellow clean song that was playing! It kind of scares me to think of what would have happened in my dream if the song had been different!! It also makes you wonders what else influences your dreams at night!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Catching Up!

We finally got a new power cord thing for the laptop so now I can update the blog. I have been putting off because the cord we had wasn't charging the battery and you had to have it positioned a certain way or it would turn off! Totally annoying and not easy to work with! So now with pictures loaded up here we go! Lacey found the flour container while Bryan was cooking dinner and I was on my way home with Abby from her dance class! She was not happy to have her fun put to an end!
(if laceys shirt looks a little wierd its because it was edited a little because she was shirtless)
Here is Dylan proudly displaying his letter puzzle that he did all by himself. He is really good at it when he isn't peeling the pictures of the top of the puzzle pieces! What is it with boys and taking things apart?! Abby bought herself a "life size" barbie puzzle with some Christmas money-she was so excited! Lacey was awesome doing her breathing treatments-she would hold it by herself, we just had to keep an eye on her to make sure she kept it in her mouth!
One saturday a couple weeks ago we were watching some kids of a friend of mine while they went to the temple, I was cleaning and went into my room and found everyone squeezed on to the bed watching cartoons! Lacey was up there too but she doesn't sit still for too long and apparently taking a picture put her way past her limit!
Poor Bryan!
This is Lacey pretty much all day. She talks and talks and talks. In the beginning of the video when she is all scowling she was mad that I was watching her through the camera and not looking directly at her! she is so funny!