Wednesday, August 22, 2012

County Fair Time!

Since we didnt take a "real" vacation this summer we took the kids to the county fair which lucky for us is about 3 minutes from our house!  We thought we were being pretty clever since the kids got in free and we planned to do all the free stuff but man you can really rack up a bill when buying something to eat and something to drink!  We ended up spending more that we planned but the kids had a great time so it was worth it! 
They had a petting zoo, which the kids loved!  It was just a little fenced in area with all the animals roaming free and you could just go inside.  I thought Colby might be a little afraid but he was so excited to be there with the animals and actually got pretty mad when it was time to go!
 We got some food for the kids to feed some of the animals and as you can see Lacey thought it was awesome!
 She also found a cow and while it wasnt a black and white one  she was still excited!
 Dylan wanted a pic with the white goat!
 Colby was in love with this little piglet!  Later on we went back again and the he was roaming free with the other animals and Colby spent the whole time following him.  It was super cute!
 Lacey kissing the cow.
 There was a guy making just about anything out of balloons -it was pretty amazing what he could do!  Lacey got 2 butterflies!
Dylan got an octopus hat thing.
 Here is the balloon guy.
 Abby got a pink flower hat.
 Then they got their faces painted.  We had to wait for forever!!
 Then we went and watched some bull riding and some barrel racing and ended the night with some fireworks.  It was alot of fun and the kid loved watching the all the bulls!
We also walked through and saw all the animals.  We were walking through looking at all the cows and there was a huge black and white and Lacey gasped in a huge breath and said "oh its my favorite kind! Can we get him?  Can we get him?"  She was so excited!  I dont know why she loves cows so much but she does! 
We also went back the next afternoon and had to go see the cows again and then we went over to the actual "fair" area and let them ride some rides which they thought was pretty fun.  So all in all it was alot of fun and the kids had a great time.  I think we might have to go again next year now that the kids know what they will be missing! 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Olympic Fun!

 In the running theme of my blog right now this post is also later then I planned!!  Anyway the Olympics at my house growing up was huge!  And I loved it!  So I am passing that down to my kids!  We had a party for opening ceremonies, the kids made bracelets and we had cake with the Olympic rings and torches made with popcorn put in ice cream cones and some other things, it was super fun-
Having grown up in the Air Force we learned our geography really well and was disturbed to find when we got back stateside that alot of kids didnt know where other countries were!  Well that is not happening in my house so I got this awesome idea to make learning geography during the Olympics!  I found a poster with the flags of the word and then got another poster of the map of the world.
 Then while we were watching and the kids saw a flag the didnt know they would find it on the poster and then we would find it on the map and mark it-the kids loved it!  And the best part is by the end of the two weeks they knew where about 10 other countries were and recognize alot of them by their flags.  So I think that it will become an Olympic tradition at our house!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Colby's new game!

 Well Colby has a new favorite game to play with Lacey and honestly she made the mistake of laying on the floor!  Once she did that all bets were off!!
 I will be in another room and you will all of a sudden hear "Colby's pulling my hair! Colby stop! Stop Colby!" and Colby's response ---laughter!  Lacey doesnt really like it but she is just getting back a little of what she dished out to Abby and Dylan!!

Fresh Air!

We finally got some cooler weather and the kids were able to got play outside for a while-it was so nice to have them running around laughing and playing!

Back to School!

 Abby started 3rd grade and Dylan started 1st grade yesterday.  They have been waiting all summer for this day.  They have been counting down the days for about the last six weeks!  Dylan got in the car after school with a big huge smile and said that his day was awesome and so much fun and Abby got in the car with a "way too much to tell and way too much to remember".  She had fun and was most excited about all bookshelf full of chapter books--seriously she talked for about 10 minutes about all the books and titles she saw and wants to read!  So here's to another funfilled school year!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Lacey and Dylan got to play in the water on day before it got way too hot to be outside and Abby was off at a friends house.  Lacey and Dylan thought it was cool that they got to play in the water and Abby didnt-oh the joy of sibling rivalry right?!
Colby is not a fan of the sprinkler!  He just got to be alright with pool I dont really know what the difference is but he was happy to stay far away from the water and play in the grass!
 and apparently Dylan and Lacey both felt that the water was more fun to drink than to really play in!

Colby and the sit and spin!

So Colby found the sit and spin and although he hasnt quite figured out how to do it the right way he has certainly found a way to entertain himself!  The difficult part was keeping the other kids off so he could play with it!