Friday, August 21, 2009

Climbing the Lilac Tree!

Abby and Dylan climbing on my mom's lilac tree. They were very excited t have a tree with low enough branches that they could limb them! Why can't that tree be in our yard!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ohio Again! Woohoo!!!

(I got a little video and picture happy this time but they are super cute!!)
We were able to go out to Ohio last week. It was so much fun! We actually got out and did stuff instead of just vegging out like we usually do! Aside from seeing my fam, a lot of Bryan's fam was out there the blessing of his cousin Melissa's little girl Anna. It was fun to see some of his Utah family that we don't get to see that often! Sorry no pics of that! One day out there we went to the Children's Discovery Garden. This place is absolutely fantastic!! There are tons of flowers and activities for the kids, music makers hidden in a little maze, a water pump where they can fill up water cans and water everything, caves to explore and waterfall and a little stream to play in! The kids had a total blast! This was in the sensory garden, it totally plays dead when you touch it! I want one, it is so cool! The grounds around the children's area was absolutely beautiful-I wish my backyard could look like that!
We also went to one of the best parks! The Super Park on base. They have little walkways although this all of the kids loved it! Although I must say we didn't stay too long-it was hot and the wood totally soaks up the heat, it was twice as hot in the playground as it was just a few feet away at the picnic tables!! Poor Bryan got roped into climbing all through it with Lacey and then had the occasional "Hey Dad help me with this from Abby and Dylan! We also went to Carriage Hill Farm. We were sadly disappointed in the animal department although we did see a horse/cow/pig (hahaha! thats for you mom!!!!) In the visitor center they have a kids play area with chalk and slates t write on, a kitchen stocked with pioneer stuff. Abby, Dylan and Lacey loved it!! Funny enough the thing that got the most attention was this huge stuffed cow laying on the floor!
My parents have a full length mirror that Lacey was just entranced by. She would spend a good 20 minutes at a time laughing, dancing, and talking to herself! Totally funny! Everyone had a great time. I think even Bryan had fun this time, I think he usually gets a little bored, but he needed a nice break before he started school again! So all in all good times for everyone!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Kindergardener!!

Abby has her 1st day of school today!! She was so excited! She just walked right in and put her stuff away and was like "see ya"! I was so nervous for her it felt like my first day of school!! We took a couple pics and then she was off playing with a couple of the girls that were already there, so I was like "well I guess I will leave then!" She gave me a hug and then she was off!

Monday, August 3, 2009

"I want pink"

I took Abby clothes shopping for school this morning. She was totally into it!! She is so excited for school to start she cant hardly stand it. She was walking around looking at clothes and would pick one up and be like "this is cute, its my size", it was funny. I would pick something out and ask her if she liked and it , she would look at and sometimes say "yes yes, oh I love" and sometimes I would hear "umm, I dont like that". Here is her criteria for loving something or hating it----- is it pink. Everything she picked out was pink or had pink in it! I would show her something without any pink-trying to give her a variety- and she wouldn't give it the time of day!! So she pretty much as an all pink wardrobe for school.
The other day in an attempt to get some cleaning time in during the day I got out a bunch of stickers, crayons and plain white paper and let the kids go at it!! All three of them were at the table for about 2 hours!! They totally had a blast!
Bonus point if you know what Jane Austen movie is on the tv! While we were at the store I decided to get myself some flowers! I love flowers. I wish I could have a really awesome flower garden-that would be so much fun!! But it also cost money so it will just have to wait, so till then I will just have to make do with a bouquet here and there.
And to round things out, here is Dylan "not sleeping". He has decided that he doesnt need a nap anymore so usually between 4 and 5 we go on Dylan-sleeping-watch. His eyes start to close and his head starts to fall so we will tell him to wake up and he usaully get really mad and say "I not sleeping! I just sitting here!"