Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last Day of School

Abby and Dylan were really excited about the last day of school!  I am going to go about this a little backwards because the new blogger doesnt like me much and it was making me so upset-is anyone else having trouble with it?!  Anyway, this post has a lot of pic (mostly for my mom!)  Dylans teacher made these awesome books throughout the year for all the kids in his class
this is a penguin!
I love this one!  Dylan put his name as "McStoker"!
The kids made their traditional candy grams for their teachers.  Dylan was excited to finally get to do one after watch Abby do them for the last couple of years!
Dylan LOVES Mrs.Swalve!  We got to school early so I could get some pics with the teachers without a billion kids all around.  We were first in Dylans class and his teacher was crying as she read the candy gram!  She totally loved it and I felt so bad that she was already having a hard time and the day hadnt even started yet!!
Abby also LOVES Mrs. Latimer!  I loved that she was willing to challenge Abby to set high goals for herself and then shared in her excitement when she reached them!  She also loved the candy gram and was laughing as she read it!
Dylan's teacher had a ton of water balloons for the kids at the end of the day.  I got to the school early to wait for them to get out and was there in time to snap some pics!  They started with a balloon toss and then it turned into a water balloon fight.  The had a blast!
At the end they all got one more balloon to throw and then his teacher gather them all around and broke the last one on all of the kids.  They were all laughing and screaming!
Since the kids left all excited I wasnt expecting the reaction after school.  Dylan got in the car and said he had a great day and then broke down crying!  He was so sad to be leaving his teacher!  Abby was all smiles when she got in the car and then when Dylan started crying Abby started getting sad and then when we got home she read a note from her teacher and then she started crying!  They both cried off and on all afternoon.  Abby would calm down and then would start crying when she saw Dylan crying.  Dylan wanted to keep his book with him at all times and whenever he looked at it he would start crying again.  It was crazy!!  A little overboard but I am so grateful that they love the teachers!  Dylan even cried himself to sleep.  I thought that we had gotten past the crying part but every time he pulls out that book the tears start to flow!  It is going to be a long summer!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day!

Bryan signed Dylan up with the Scout troop in town (that makes me sound so small town!) because he can start earlier than they can in the church troop so his now a Tiger Cub!  He has to go to 3 of the summer activities to get a summer participation patch and his first scout activity was being in a little Memorial Day Parade!  He looks so dang cute in his little scout shirt!  We waited at the cemetary which is where the were ending up to do a little service.  There is a horseshoe shape road through the cemetary and they line the whole thing with these huge flags.  It looks so awesome!
 Lacey kept wanting a picture of herself and the flags so thats the above pic and this next one is this little old lady, she was so sweet and I loved that her shirt matched the flags perfectly!!  Lacey asked if she could go talk to her so I said sure and that was it Lacey found herself a new friend!!
Later this where they put a wreath during the ceremony.  The white crosses that are there have the names of those buried here that were in the Military.
 Dylan peeking out from the crowd!
 The high school band was there and the sounded pretty good-I just love when bands play patriatic songs!
 The also did a gun salute and the cub scouts get to go clean up all the bullet caseings, Dylan found one, he was so excited!!
 It was really fun to do something like this on Memorial Day!  I didn't even know that the did this till this year.  I miss being surrounded by military stuff and the patriotic feel of it all.  Its just not the same in civillian areas!!  I dont think they "get it" as much as those who are serving, have family serving or who grew up in the military!!
So thanks to all the service men and women who serve or given thier lives for our freedom.  and a special thanks to my dad, granpa, brother-in-law and cousins!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy belated b-day Dylan!

So super slacker blogger that  I have been as I was beginning to catch up I realized that I didnt even do Dylan's Birthday blog post! Geez I'm a bad mom!  Dylan turned 6 this year!  I cant believe that he is 6 already!  It is just crazy!
He wanted a lego party and while I had grand plans for lots of fun things when it came down to getting the things I needed to make the things I wanted to I could find anything!!  So that was super frustrating!  But of course Dylan didnt care about my grand lego plans so he had a great time anyway!  Here is my attempt at legos for his cake-would have been better if I had used fondant but that stuff scares me so I used good old fashion homemade frosting!  and it tasted good!

Picking flowers

Lacey had to stop and pick some "flowers" on her way from the car to the front door when we got home from dance class.  I knew she would be awhile so I ran inside and grabbed my camera!  The black and white one is my total fav!

Abby's Field Day

Abby had a field day too of course!  And she also had a great time.  I talked Bryan into coming with me for hers because his Mom usually comes with me and I usually drop Lacey and Colby off at a friends house but Jenny couldnt come and my friend was busy plus I think it is a right of passage as a parent to have to experiance at least one field day!
 Abby class joined with about 2 other class for a huge game of duck duck goose, her teacher was playing and all the kids kept picking her-it was way funny!
 Tug of War!!!
I love watching the kids in school and interacting with people other that family and church stuff and while I had a great time I think Bryan was glad when it was over and probably made a silent vow to try to get out of ever going again-but I know he will go if I ask him too.  Abby had a great time so thats all that really matters!

Dylan's Field Day!

Dylan loved field day!  They did a beanbag toss, long jump, hurdles, 100 yard dash, water relay and a tug of war.
Most of the pics are from the tug of war because honestly it was the most fun!
they had some free time while they were waiting for all the classes to get done before they did the tug of war so the played duck duck goose-doesnt Dylan look like he is way into it?!!