Sunday, February 19, 2012

Climbing up, on and over!

So Colby is really into climbing into and onto pretty much anything. He loves these little plastic bins the kids have some of their toys in. So if the lid is off then the toys get dumped and he takes the bin--gotta love a 16 month old!
From bins to baskets-if there is a laundry basket around Colby will be in it. It has clothes in it?-No problem! He will take care of that for you and give you a couple options! You can either have him take out the clothes before he gets in or he can get in and then throw the clothes out!
And from baskets to tables. Colby's legs are still a little too short for him to get up on the kitchen chairs (thankfully!) but after a few attempts he figured out how to get up on the picnic table we got out for Lacey's Valentine party (which I totally didnt get pics of! just picture four 4 yr olds decorating cookies and getting out every toy they can reach!) any way-at this point in time he hadnt figured out how to get down and you know me-why help when you can grab the camera and watch him figure it out on his own! He has to learn some how right! He probably would have gotten it but rescue came in the form of Abby. I keep telling Abby and Dylan that they have to let Colby figure things out on his own otherwise he wont know how to do anything!
and from tables to siblings! Abby , Dylan and Lacey all love to play on the computer and when one person gets on then everyone comes to watch! Colby decided that he wanted to watch and the only way he could see was sitting on someones back! So he took turns sitting on Abby and Dylan and while I think he could see fine on Abby---
it is just way more fun sitting on Dylan!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Makin Valentines!

We spent Sunday afternoon making school valentines. Abby and Dylan had fun-they drove me crazy! Dylan was soooo slow to write all his out! He would stop and watch what Abby was doing or stop to talk. I was like hurry up!!
Here is what we used----
and here is what we made!
Abby had to make a "mailbox" for her valentines so we mod podged some scrapbook paper onto a cereal box! I think she had fun making it although she wasnt really into using her fingers to spread the glue!
Then this morning Lacey and I made her valentines! She wanted to have a valentine party just like Abby and Dylan so we are having a couple of her friends over for some valentine fun tomorrow. She is so exicted! When Abby and Dylan started talking about what kind of valentines to make and their parties they were going to have at school Lacey was like I want a party too! So I was like alright we can have a part! She said "o.k. mom for my TinkerBell valentine party....."! I was like "um Lacey it is not a "TinkerBell"valentine party, it is just a valentine party! That girl and TinkerBell!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


We went over to Bryan's parents house for the Super Bowl on Sunday and the kids were done watching after about 5 minutes! So Jenny kept them entertained with a fun craft! Duct tape rings!
Lacey patiently waiting for Nana to make hers.
I dont know why she always looks away at the last minute when I am trying to take a cute pic of her! The rings are super easy and the girls love them!