Thursday, October 29, 2009

How fun is this?!

Summit announced today that they are re-releasing Twilight in theaters for 1 night on Nov. 19th. Apparently people have been requesting this-didnt know you could do that!! So now you can see Twilight and New Moon back to back in the theater! How fun is that?! Totally something to look into!! Although the only way it would be worth it would be if they were showing them in the same theater otherwise you wouldnt be able to get in line in time to get a good seat!! Oh and the tickets might even be a discounted price since it is already out on DVD. Might be looking into that!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I love fall! This is our tree in the front yard. Isnt is awesome?! I love all the colors of fall, the bad thing about all those awesome colors is the raking of all those leaves! This isn't the only tree in our yard, so all our trees plus the neighbor's trees and thier leaves all add up to ALOT of leaves as you can see you can barely see the grass already! It usually ends up taking up a couple hours just to rake them up and then a couple truck loads to get them to the city compost. It is a lot of work that I dont really enjoy but the kids sure love them! We will be getting those pics soon!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tinkerbell and Cave Drawings

This is a little late but a couple weeks ago we had Lacey birthday party with the fam-I was running around a couple hours before trying to find a cake topper because Wal-Mart wont sell them at the bakery any more-stupid Wal-Mart! So as I was running around it was getting later and later so I decided I probably wasn't going to have time to make a cake never mind get it decorated so I went over to bakery to see if they had a cute ready made cake or some cupcakes and totally scored!! They had a Tinkerbell Fairy cake just sitting on the shelf -it was waiting just for me!! I was so excited!! Lacey totally loved it-she loves loves Tinkerbell! Last week I was really busy and was gone 3 evenings in a row! Bryan wasn't thrilled at all (that's putting it mildly!) but since he has spent the last 2 semesters gone every evening to class I deserved it right!! I tried not to let my mothers guilt get in the way! So obviously Bryan was in charge of getting kids to bed, so he would do that and everything went well unfortunately he went into "Dad Mode" you know the everything-is-quiet-so-everything-is-fine way of thinking and then they tune out any noise at all. Well friday I went into the kids room, and something on the wall caught my eye. Abby was having a little fun while Daddy was in charge!!
When I politely and calmly asked her what we color on, she gave me a hesitant "paper" answer. So I asked her "then why were you drawing on your wall?", she just looked at me with this "duh" kinda of look and said "Well I had to practice my numbers".

Monday, October 12, 2009

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Not an Announcement!

The other day we were on our way to Abby's dance class and she says "Mom, I just need to know something." So I asked her what and she says "I need to know where babies come from." So my minds starts frantically coming up with answers that would satisfy her curiosity and I answered "Heaven". She says "Heaven? O.k. well we need 1 more baby, so we can have 4 kids. And need to be a boy baby so we can have 2 boys and 2 girls. So what should his name be?" I was just laughing. So she starts listing name and came up Nathan Colby. And she also decided that his birthday will be in July. So then she starts talking about her baby boy Nathan and on and on about things she will do with him and it will be so much fun and ends this with , "but we can't bring him home till after your belly gets big.". Interesting. But like the title of the post THIS IS IN NO WAY AN ANNOUNCEMENT OR WILL THERE BE ONE IN THE NEAR FUTURE!!!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Moon Tickets!!!

Well after lots of waiting and checking-daily, sometimes twice a day to be honest, for New Moon tickets to go on sale-I GOT SOME!!!! WooHoo!! After hearing that tickets were going on sale early I was way excited and then I found out that our theater wasent selling them and according to them they didnt know when they would be. Bummer! So I checked the website-alot. Then reports came in that showings we selling out!! Oh noo!! So there are a couple of people I am going with and since I am the OCD one of the group and would be the first to get a ticket because I dont like to take chances by waiting, it was decided that I would buy all of them. Which works for me because then I know for sure that we are all going to the same showing!! Funny thing too is that Bryan mentioned that I was checking for tickets to the ladies he works with and they told him to tell them when I got my tickets so they would know when they went on sale! Totally funny!! So if you are in the area and are dying to see the movie and are nerdy enough to want to go to the midnight showing grab a ticket and give me a call and come with us!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lacey's Party!

We had some friends over to celebrate Lacey's birthday. It was tons of fun of course! We always have fun with the Butlers! Lacey was so funny when we went to sing to her she immediatly folded her arms because she thought we were going to say a prayer and looked around like why isn't anyone else doing this?! It was totally funny! She loved her presents, a TinkerBell and Rosetta dolls from us and a bag full of candy and some jammies from the Butlers. Jen, who I will get back some how one of these days, gives Lacey whatever she wants and whenever Lacey would hand her some more hershey kisses Jen would unwrap them and give them to her! Lace just kept cramming them into her mouth till she didn't have anymore room! Chocolate was just running out of her mouth and down her chin! In the goody bags all the kids got plastic vampire teeth and so of course we had to get everyone to pose for pics! Some were more willing than others but everyone was good sports about it!! Fun times! Happy b-day Lace! We love you!!

Lacey is 2!

Happy Birthday to my Lacey Mae!! The big number 2!!!
A little about Lacey-
She is very funny! She talks alot. Seriously alot. You can't really understand much of what she says but she sure thinks you can! She is very stubburn and has a glare that while she thinks she is showing you how mad she is and that you should be scared is in all actuallity just plain funny and it is hard to keep a straight face!
She loves Tinkerbell and thinks that everything that has tinkerbell on it is hers and only hers and will fight anyone who touches it.
She is on the go all day and very nosey or curious depending on the spin you want to put on that particular trait.
She is also very very sweet and helpful. She has started asking for hugs at night or as she says "I a gug mom?"!
something else alittle fun is a scrapblog I did of her. She sleep in the wierdest positions so it is always fun to go check her to see where she is and how she is sleeping!