Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pioneer village

We went to the Walnut Grove pioneer village with Jenny last week and let the kids play around. This place is so cute and it had a train that the kids, especially Dylan could not get enough of! Abby didnt get to go because she was at a friends house but we are going back with some friends this week so she can check it out. I am sure it will become a favorite place for them to want to go and the best thing is it is free!!
Ok Lacey is just hilarious! There is a small fake cemetary-its really cute with a white picket fence and it has a couple of blank tombstones in it. We walked over to see it and this is what Lacey does---!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Abby Spring Recital

Sometimes I feel like all I do is post stuff about Abby! but she is the only one who is doing extra stuff right now! I guess it will even out this next year with Dylan starting school! So anyway Abby had her spring recital. She was so excited that she got to dance on both nights! I volunteered on Friday night for level 1 classes. Oh my gosh was that crazy busy!! Trying to get the right girls in the right costume with all the right accessories at the right time! Totally crazy especially when there were over 40 level 1 girls.
Tina, the owner of the Studio does this thing before the show where she gathers all the girls and gives them a little pep talk-she ends with "what do you do if your hair falls out?" the girls "keep dancing" "what do you do if your shoe comes off?" "keep dancing"-its pretty cute.
Then my parents came in to surprise Abby because she had asked them earlier to come to her recital. How could they say no?! She totally love having both sets of grandparents there to watch her.
She got a little spoiled this year with flowers and a stuffed animal! She has grown so much as a dancer this past year. She doesn't watch all the other girls to see if she is doing the right move and she has gotten so graceful. It has really been fun to watch her! This year all the ballet classes combined to do a whole Beatles medley. Each class did a dance then they all came out to end with about 80 dancers on the stage. This first clip is Abby's classes dance. This is from the rehearsal-she got a little nervous and got a little mixed up at the end but did awesome when it came time for the real thing!
This is the rest of it. It was really awesome! the video is giving me trouble so I am trying to upload it seperatly-we will see how that goes!
oh and I do have to say that all the mom's were jealous of Abby's hair because her hair was so easy to put in the required "messy buns"! Almost everyone else that has full buns have fake hair. So for once her curly madness pays off!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

hello internet connection......

....its nice to see you again! Finally I can put some pics and some of whats been going on! So settle in to a nice spot and try not to get too bored cuz here we go! First off April Fool's Day! I was so mad because I had planned to do some fun things for dinner and then got Scarlet Fever!! I was sooooo sick, but made the stuff anyway! We told the kids we were having dessert first and they were all excited to have pie for dinner!
We had "berry pie" which actually was meatloaf and mashed potatoes and then sherbet and sprite for a drink. They were bouncing out of their seats for a piece of pie and when I gave Abby a piece she stopped and looked at it and said "this doesn't smell like pie, hey this smells like beef!!" Totally funny! So after "dessert" for dinner we had "breakfast" for dessert!
We had bacon, eggs and toast-the bacon is a carmel and a tootsie roll, the eggs are melted marshmallows with yellow food gel and the toast is toasted pound cake! It was a super hit! Next, Abby's birthday way back in April!! We let her invite 3 girls for a Tangled sleepover birthday party. Only 2 could come which worked out well, the girls had a blast.
I made Rapunzel hair braids that they got to decorate with flowers and then they wore them all night! They made lighted lanterns by drawing on paper lunch bags and then putting in flameless votive candles to light them up. They turned out so cute!
They made pizza and then we put on Tangled to watch. They were all so cute they all wore their hair and made them light up with the votives when she sang and then made their lanterns "fly" when that part came. Abby had a great time! Then for her family party we had an Easter theme with fun bright colors, the one bad thing is that my super fun game for outside totally got rained out!! Totally bummed!! Then one night we used our fire ring in the backyard for the first time-what losers are we! lived in our house for almost 5 years and this is the first time we have used it! We probably would have used it more if I liked hot dogs, but I don't!
The kids loved it and of course we made smores, which I don't like but the kids do!!
Here is Abby on her last day of 1st grade with her totally awesome teacher Mrs. Wall! and a couple of pics of the other 3 crazies being silly with their "hey mom take of a picture of this!"