Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Pics!

So my laptop hard drive crashed again so my blogging has totally been put on the back burner again.  Not that I cant keep it up using the "regular" computer but my laptop was just so much more convenient!!  Anyway I wanted to get some fun pics of the kids while we still had some beautiful fall colors and I have to say I almost waited to long and missed them!  I think I still got some fun ones though!
I thought I would play around with some of the pics and I have to say it was fun and I kinda like them!
 So Colby wasnt very cooperative at all today.  He wanted to run and explore and really had no desire to even look at me for a picture!  These last  pic show all his frustration at being made to take a picture and when he wouldnt stay around where we were drastic measures had to be taken to make him stay and let me tell you he was not so happy!!
I really wanted to get some with then walking away and towards me and I think they turned out pretty cute!!