Friday, February 12, 2010

Super Slacker!

o.k. well I thought I should put something up since it has been a while. We have been partly busy and partly lazy. Life has just been crazy with my kids, the 2 boys I babysit and then we started watching our neighbors' little girl after school. But these last 2 weeks we have been dealing with sick kids. Not fun! Abby, Lacey, Bryan and I all got an 8 hour flu bug all on different days of course. Dylan and Lacey both had really bad ear infections and respiratory crap so they were both on breathing treatments-Dylan twice a day and Lacey every 4 hours. Lacey pretty much stopped eating and drinking because her ears were bothering her because she refused to take the antibiotic-so that has been stressful-but after a week and a half of that-her second trip to the doctor and a different antibiotic she was finally eating today. Abby was off and on with a fever every couple days, not having one long enough to have to take her in but just long and often enough to make it annoying! Everyone seems to be doing pretty good now so that is good. I can finally catch up on all the things that I needed and wanted to do but couldn't because I was sleep deprived after sitting up with Dylan 3 nights in a row. I am so ready for winter to be done!!! On a fun note, last Saturday I had a girls game night and it was a total blast!! Lots and lots of laughing going on and needed by everyone I think! I didn't get home till 11:30-it had been a long time since I was even up that late not to mention out some where! And tonight is the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics!! wahooo!!!!!! I absolutely love the Olympics! It is on pretty much all day at our house, I am so excited! 2 conversations with Abby- A-hey mom I want some of that Me-no way abby is moms and i am not sharing this time! A-why? I want some Me-Because I am the mom and when you are the mom you have have a goody all to yourself too A-When I'm the mom I can have whatever I want? Me-yep! That is one of the fun things of being a mom! A-oh o.k. (big smile) A-Mom are we to the store yet? Me-almost just a couple more minutes A-you live to far from the store-when I am a mom I will live close to the store-you can come see me mom. Me-o.k. I think I will do that thanks! A-but then I will live far from Mc Donalds so I will come visit you!