Thursday, April 30, 2009

Outside Finally!!!

Today we were actually able to go outside!! Unfortunatly for my kids I am not the best mom when it comes to playing outside. I love to watch them outside but I would prefer to watch them from the safety of my house! I am totally scared that I will get stung by a bee and I will have to use my epi-pen, and then who would I call to come help me go to the hospital and who would watch the kids. Always a million questions! So they usually have to wait and go outside with Bryan! We were outside for about 45 mins before a huge huge bee came buzzing around and I had to bribe the kids with ice cream to get them inside fast!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shots and Corn!

Dylan loves corn. Unfortnatly he loves to eat it out of the serving bowl!
It doesn't matter how much we put on his plate he won't eat it!! So he waits. When everyone has gotten how much they want he quietly grabs the bowl and chows down!!
Abby got her kindergarten shots today. I was really affraid to take her because Lacey had to get some too and she heard me when I made the appointment and started crying!! It gave me a flashback to when my little brother had to get his shots and he took off running down the hall and had to have a couple people hold him down!! Luckily Abby did awesome! She was really worried about getting the shots so we told her if she was really brave and did good than we could go get some ice cream. She was really brave and got 4 shots. She hardly cried at all and when they were putting on the band-aids she said "am I all done?" She is very proud of her band-aids
And this is Lacey after her shots.
She also did way awesome but it totally wore her out!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Bithday Abby!

Well now I have a 5 year old. That doesn't even seem possible! She is really excited to go to kindergarten. She got a little taste of it at Kindergarten Round-Up and now I am fielding "when do I get to go to kindergarten school?" questions almost everyday! Lately she is really into Disney Princess stuff. She loves books. My Mom took her to a bookstore and let her pick out a book for her birthday and she was pretty much in heaven! She has gotten into word finds and she is really good at them! She is good at helping when we ask her to and only occasionally get the "I don't want to I have to do everything" comments! She toatlly cracks me up with the things she says. She came home from kidergarten roundup and told me that she did some puzzles. She is loves puzzles and can do them pretty quickly. I asked her if they were easy ones and she said " yes, but the car one was tricky". Sometimes when she talks she sounds lot older! Especially when she is talking to my mom on the phone. It is really funny. So that is a little about Abby. Happy Birthday Abby! We love you!

Fun in Ohio

Well this is a little late but we have been busy!! Abby is now 5! And she is excited! We took a trip out to Ohio and let her celebrate the Grandma and Grandpa. Since I am not really "allowed" to drive out to Ohio by myself (Bryan and my Dad are a little over protective!) A friend told me I should just go because what can my dad do about once I show up! My instant responce was "I can't do that! I would be in so much trouble!" Now tell me whats wrong with that!! I am almost 30 and I am worried about getting in trouble by my dad because I drove somewhere by myself!! So anyway to make everyone happy I roped my friend Jenn and her daughter Katelynn into coming with me! Now if you know my family, you will understand that I was alittle nervous about this. My brother Jeff is very comfortable in the spotligt and has a tendency (and well the whole rest of my family) to run away with something funny and run and run! We also talk in movie quotes and then laugh about what was said. So I did alot of prep work on the ride out to prepare Jenn for what was coming! And let me tell you Jeff didn't dissappoint! He was in rare form that weekend! We had a total blast and laughed ALOT! We had some friends over for a little party. My mom made a cake, and we had fingernail polish and little flower stickers for the girls to put on and wands for them to make and decorate. She had a totaly blast! (More pics coming)
During the party my Dad and brother took Dylan to the Air Force Museum (pics coming soon), they had a great time there and Dylan got some good one on one time with Grandpa and Uncle Jeff. After that we went to The Green. It is a totally fun outdoor mall with a water fountain thing that the kids can play in. Abby and Dylan dug up some courage and went to play in the water and Katelynn was really hesistant but eventually reached her hand out to touch some of the water shooting out of the ground! Dylan kept running over and talking to a lady sitting on a blanket and telling her he was having fun! I didn't want him to bother her but he is really fast and would be talking to her before I could stop him! We had so much fun and I was glad to get out there so I have to send out a huge huge thank you to Jenn and her alter-ego Heather (created by you guessed it...Jeff)! Hopefully we didn't scare her too bad and she will still be my friend!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Cleaning Game

So we have been having some clean-your-room-and-keep-it-clean problems at our house. The main problem is that well....little people who like to play don't want to clean up! I have tried just about everything to try to help the process. I have tried bribing, that didn't work. We have button jars where whenever Abby and Dylan help out or do what they are asked without whining they earn buttons and when thier jars are full they can go on a one on one date or something fun. So I have offered buttons, that didn't work. Usually this is the conversation with Abby:
Me:Abby I need you to come pick your room real fast.
A:(already starting to cry)I hate cleaning my room. It takes to long!
Me: There isnt that much to do, you can do it real fast and then you will be done!
A: I can't! The mess is too big and I am too little!
It goes on and on. It drives me crazy! All the time she spends crying about it she could be done!! So my mom gave me this idea she found in a magazine. You write out all the jobs they need to do to clean the room and then they pick them out of a jar and kindof turn it into a game. So I thought it was worth a try!
So I had some wooden shapes that I wrote her jobs on and she was really into it!
She thought it was a great game and after she had gone through all of them she came out and announced that her room was clean. So I went to look and apparently I need to be alittle more specific!!! There was stuff everywhere on the floor! I asked her why she hadn't picked up all her strawberry shortcake dolls and she said there wasn't one that said to pick it up. I guess the "pick up all the doll stuff" was a little to broad!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Well a very happy Easter to everyone! We hope you enjoy the newness and wonder of this awesome Easter season!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Twilight and Visiting Teaching

My sister-in-law just sent this to me and I thought it was way to good to keep to myself, so hoprfully she doesn't mind me sharing it! Thanks Becca! So all you Twilighters enjoy!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Sound of Music

o.k. I totally love the Sound of Music, with the minor exception of the "Climb Every Mountain" song. My family has always sung all the songs when eer we watched it. And luckily my good friend Jen feels the same way about the movie! When we were roomies we watched at least once a week, if not more and were pretty much sound of music nerds!! She even got us tickets to Sound of Music Sing A Long. It was totally hysterical! People came all dress-up and everything! Totally awesome! We even had a private joke about Lisel saying "wee" , I am sure you can figure that one out! Anyway I got a call from my mom to check out this video on youtube. My brother Jeff lives half his life on youtube just finding silly things, and honestly he finds great stuff! So for all of you who love The Sound of Music this is for you!
Dont forget to pause the music at the bottom!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lots of Music

Music plays a big part at our house. We have it on all the time. I am totally addicted to musicals, so we watch those alot and the kids love to sing and dance around when the songs come on! I justify letting myself watch them during the day by telling myself that I am giving the kids alittle culture!! Bryan doesn't really appreciate that particular genre so it is my responsibility to expose them to it right?!! Any Abby and Dylan like to go to sleep with music on. Usually the cd player in Abby's room is up on the dresser so the cds stay nice but since I have been painting it has been on her bed and she has been able to switch the cds and play whatever she wants to. Her favs include the soundtracks to Mulan, Little Mermaid, Lion King, Pocahontas, and Tinker Bell. The one she is currently addicted to is Sharing Time by InsideOut.
If you don't know who they are they are an a cappella group who are completely fantastic! She wakes up in the middle of the night to turn the music back on, it is pretty funny when it is all quiet and then all of a sudden you her "The Itsy Bitsy Spider"! Dylan is currently addicted to Disney's Hercules.
Seriously he is addicted! He watches it almost everyday and asks for it on the days he doesn't. He listens to the soundtrack at night! The other day he came up to me while it was on and said "mom, Bercules is a super Hero, he goes the distance"! It caught me off guard that had picked that out of the movie, I was like holy cow, he is really paying attention to what is said in the movie!
Lacey loves the TinkerBell movie soundtrack.
While she obviously doesn't sing with it whenever she she hears the chimes that start with the first song she smiles really big and starts dancing all around! It is really very cute!