Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Abby's last day of Kindergarten!

Abby wanted to do something for her teacher since it was the last day of school so we made a candy gram! I totally love these! We bought a bunch of candy and used them to write a little note. I wrote it out on the poster board to make sure we could get it all on there and Abby decorated all of the empty space.
Then this morning I helped her take it to school. Her teacher loved it! It was fun to see Abby give it to her. She loves Mrs. McCulloh!-she was just the kind of teacher Abby needed to get her in the groove of going to school. She also has Abby so excited about 1st grade! All I hear about is "when I am in 1st grade..., I am doing 1st grade coloring..., when does 1st grade start?". They were able to go to the classroom they will be in next year and meet their teacher. When I asked her about her teacher for next year she said "Mrs. Wall is my teacher! I wanted Mrs. Wall to be my teacher! She came into gym one time and she had on a really cool shirt!". Leave it to a girl to want a teacher because of what she is wearing!
She also got a list of Scholastic Summer Challenge book list and is excited to read her way through it and is ready to go to the library and get started! She is hilarious!
For those who are interested the candy gram said
"Dear Mrs. McCulloh,
You started the year with a bunch of RUNTS but are ending it with a bunch of
STAR(s)BURST(ing) with the (sour punch straws) PUNCH of knowlege you gave! We had MOUNDS of SNICKERS in class when we learned about WHATCHAMACALLIT?! We might have made some WHOPPERS and sort have fallen to PIECES but ....DOTS.... you were there with hugs and the supply of those were GOOD & PLENTY! You are an awesome teacher and the REISON that for me the MILKYWAY is the limit! So this summer TAKE 5 and go on a shopping SPREE on 5th AVE.- You deserve it!!!
So on more EXTRA big thank you!
Love, Abby"

Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Dylan!

This is a couple days late but I can't find my discs of pictures so I had to spend some time looking then gave up and had to figure out how to share files between computers! And I did it! So that was really exciting!!
Anyway Dylan is 4!! I can't even believe it! These are a couple of my favorite pics of him just after he was born. He was reall jaundiced even though he was a big baby so he got to wear a belly blanket for a couple weeks! Wasn't he so cute!!
A lot of people dont believe me when I say that despite being amost 10 pounds he was really skinny so this pic is for all of you! He is in a 3 month outfit.
See I told you! It took him a while to get some meat on those bones!
He is really excited for his Transformer party on Sunday so I will have pics of that. We have some fun stuff planned! He has been living and breathing Transformers for the last little bit and wants to watch the movie pretty much everyday. He is one silly boy!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

We made it!!

The end is here!! Lacey was able to get her cast off for good yesterday! Can you tell how excited I am! Lacey did really good when they cut this one off and once it was done she pulled her blanket over her leg just like she did last time. I don't know what kind of powers that blanket has but apparently it does something! Once we got the news that she was good to go I put her shoe on and stood her up-she held her foot up and tried to sit down. She wouldn't walk or do anything on her foot. So when we went to pick up Dylan I got her out of the car and stood her on the ground, held her hand and made her walk. And she did of course-but it was a little diffucult. She kept a death grip on my hand-it was sad but also funny to watch her try to refind her center of balance after walking with her cast for 2 and a half weeks!
In the afternoon we went outside and she spent about 25 mins in the sand box-she has been missing the sand box! And then the momment that I have been waiting for----BATH TIME!! Once Lacey got in the tub she just laughed and laughed she was so happy! and I was happy because she was clean! A sponge bath in the kitchen sink for 5 and a half weeks for a 2 year old just does not cut it!!! (I know this picture makes her look a little wierd but with her wiggling all around and the picture coming from my phone not much I can do!)