Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Abigail's Baptism

So I wanted to do something fun for Abby for her baptism and sort of wanted to get some pictures done but didnt want them with her in just a white dress because that seemed kinda weird to me and then I found this blog (http://www.71toes.com/2012/02/claires-baptism.html)and I was like this is it! So thanks to our second family over at Butler Photography Abby has some beautiful pictures!
We had Abby's baptism on saturday and it was was a beautiful day! I was super frazzled trying to get everything ready for it and for her birthday party we were having after. It was pretty crazy around here! I was a little worried for Abby, she was so beyond excited friday night she was crying. I was like oh man hopefully it isnt anticlimactic for her and she is just like that was it?! My mom and Jenny and I made a bazillion cake pops, which turned out super cute and I got some of the pictures developed to put together a little tablescape for the refreshments!
Abby decided that she wanted my mom to give the talk on baptism. It was wonderful! She talked about what baptism was (of course!) and then gave her a towel and talked about how she is clean like the towel and the towel will get dirty but it can be made clean again just like she can if she sins-my mom gave her a poem to go with it. Then she got to use it after she was baptism-Abby loved it!
I made a video to show while Abby and Bryan were changing-I just love the way it turned out! And Abby wrote her own testimony at the end-she is just so amazing to me!
Abby asked Jenny to give the talk on the Holy Ghost and it was amazing! Jenny is so awesome she has such a gift at talking and telling stories. She gave Abby a traffic light bookmark and talked about how the Holy Ghost is like a traffic light, it gives you lights and signals to help you choose the right. Sometimes you get a green signal and you know you are clear to do what you want but sometime you might get a red light and you need to stop and think about what you want to do. It was really cool.
both the talks were just perfect and Abby just loved it!
I tried to get pics of Abby with everyone there but she was nowhere to be found so I went to go just snap pics of people talking and Natalie was like "I am going to be in every picture you take!" and well she pretty much was! It was hilarious to see the look on peoples faces when she would just go stand by them while I took a pic!! She is so dang funny!
So I am totally not ok with this pic but I figured I would put it on-it will make my mom happy-I was so stressed and just glad that everything went well and Abby wasnt disappointed and well with how busy we were I didnt have time to do my hair the way I wanted it!
Abby and our Branch President.
It was a wonderfully peaceful exciting day. I think Abby was very pleased with all of it. The cake pops were yummy, the spirit was warm and strong, and Abby surrounded by friends and family who love her makes for an amazing day for my sweet little girl! I am so proud of Abby and the person she is becoming. I just love her so much!