Monday, September 14, 2009

Room Changes!

Well, I repainted Dylans room because I didn't like how what I was painting was turning out! We also rearranged rooms alittle. We got bunkbeds for Abby and Dylan and put them in the small room (Dylan's old room) which is now a really pale pretty green. I figured we could get away with putting them in the same room for another year or two and by then I would be ready to redo a room anyway!! Lacey's bed just slides out from under the bunkbeds so that works out good! We then have moved all the toys into the other bedroom for a playroom. All this in hopes of keeping some kind of order. Dylan is into the "I-am-not-picking-up-anything-no-matter-how-much-stuff-you-bribe-me-with-or-how-much-timeout-i-am-in" stage. So I am trying to get it all contained into one area! I am also doing some chore cards to try and help things. So we will see how this all goes! I am still in the process of organizing the playroom. I am also excited about this change because the toys are not allowed in the bedroom, only in the playroom, so I will be able go through the toys and change them up while the kids are sleeping. Abby, Dylan, and Lacey are all very very light sleepers so I havent ever been able to clean up a room after they go to sleep. So this will be very nice!! Anyway so now I am getting things together to decorate the kids bedroom. I am doing it all in white and pale green-in my head it looks really great!! wish me luck! I will post some pics when I get it done!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sarah and Yanni

Today started out not good. One of the little boys I babysit decided to pretty much not listen to anything I said and ended up knocking over a can of paint in Dylan's room. On the carpet. Not cool. Soooo MAD!!! Then he was mad about being in timeout for a while and the went on to take it out on his brother and bit him twice. More timeout. Then he didn't take a nap. Not cool. Lacey was crying all over the place cuz she doesn't feel good so I put her back in bed this morning. So by lunch I was totally done!!!! But the house was not! Well I should say half of the house was clean. So I put on one of my favorite cds, Yanni-in my time. It almost all piano music and just completely beautiful. It helped me calm down right away. This cd also reminds me of my sister. When I first heard it we were getting ready to leave Japan. We had had separate rooms for a couple years but when we got ready to move we were back in the same room together. I loved it! We had been through some rough times and were still able to keep our close relationship. That time wasn't the happiest for my sister but because we were able to spend so much time together it felt to me that I had my sister back. I love her so much! So anyway this music always makes me think of staying up late talking and laughing and I can even smell the base furniture we had because ours was packed up. I know that sounds kinda weird but it is all very comforting and makes me smile. Love you Sarah!