Friday, June 5, 2015


So school is out and summer has arrived!  I am excited for this summer we have some trips planned and it is going to be lots of fun.  The other afternoon I kicked the kids out of the house to play outside, it was nice and they needed to get out and enjoy it!  I grabbed my camera in hopes of snapping a couple candids of them but apparently they were all in the mood for an improptu photo shoot.  All I heard was "hey mom take a picture of this" "take a picture!" "now one with just me" "its my turn now".  It was pretty funny!
These kids crack me up!  I love them.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Garden Time!

Every year Bryan and the kids plant a garden.  Notice I say Bryan, not that I don't love a good garden but he really loves a garden so I just let him go for it.  He along with the stuff he wants to grow and what I want him to grow he lets the kids all pick something they want to plant too, he is awesome like that!  The kids all love it.  This year Abby picked kale, weird choice I know but she got it so then we could use it when Bryan makes me Zuppa Toscana! She loves me!  haha!  They have some interesting things this year with the kale and there is celery and cantaloupe, we haven't done those before so we shall see how those do.  Anyway I know there are alot of them planting the plants and seeds, but they just turned out so cute and I love them and couldn't just use one or two!
 Abby helping Lacey get it planted right.
 Colby's cute little hand helping plant green onions (I think)

Reading Outside

I was working in the kitchen and just happened to look out the window and saw Abby reading to Colby on the front lawn with Lacey listening as she rolled around the yard. So I reached over to the table and grabbed my camera and darted out the door with a quick prayer they didnt stop before I could grab some pictures.  Luck was on my side this time!
 I was able to talk Lacey into stopping her rolling around the yard long enough to snap a pic of her.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Family Picture Rejects

"hey just look at the camera and smile"
 "smile normal please"
 "at me with a smile"
 "Lacey, not a freaky smile"
"the faster you just look at me the faster we will be done"

"seriously guys, come on! just look at me and give me a nice normal smile"

"oh just get it out of your system"
"okay now? please? just one?"
"are we done yet?"

this one was there idea--still didn't make them work with me very easily!
"I give up"