Thursday, May 14, 2015

Garden Time!

Every year Bryan and the kids plant a garden.  Notice I say Bryan, not that I don't love a good garden but he really loves a garden so I just let him go for it.  He along with the stuff he wants to grow and what I want him to grow he lets the kids all pick something they want to plant too, he is awesome like that!  The kids all love it.  This year Abby picked kale, weird choice I know but she got it so then we could use it when Bryan makes me Zuppa Toscana! She loves me!  haha!  They have some interesting things this year with the kale and there is celery and cantaloupe, we haven't done those before so we shall see how those do.  Anyway I know there are alot of them planting the plants and seeds, but they just turned out so cute and I love them and couldn't just use one or two!
 Abby helping Lacey get it planted right.
 Colby's cute little hand helping plant green onions (I think)


Kira said...

How fun! Blake would love to plant our own garden... I think about it sometimes, too. But 1) I'm a very picky eater and I'd hate to plant things and then have them go to waste and 2) I have no green thumb, whatsoever. I can kill even plants that require very little attention and water.

Good luck with your garden!

Allison said...

Thanks Kira! Bryan does all the garden stuff, that is so not my thing! It is mostly stuff he eats. I am really picky too, I only will eat a couple of the things he plants. haha!

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