Friday, February 27, 2009

Glory Be!

Oh what a sweet sweet day!! The morning started off with the promise of goodness. I got up, got ready and left to do papers. When I got there we had the official route list hand over to the guy taking over-It is my last day!-AWESOME! I was bagging papers, in a happy mood when the stupid Swiss Valley delivery guy who drops off the milk for the schools pulls up. Now after trying different starting times I have been starting at 2:45 for over a year and never has this guy shown up! So he pulls right up in front of me sits there and then FLASHES HIS LIGHTS AT ME!!! What the heck?! That totally ticked me off!!-But it is my last day!-GREAT! So I start delivering, as I stepped out of the car and was hit with a nice blast of cold air! The wind was so strong that I had to turn my head to catch my breath! And it started to snow, small tiny flakes that with the strong wind sting against your face-But it is my last day-NICE! We had rain yesterday and so that with the before mentioned wind and snow created thin sheets of black ice scattered around on the roads and sidewalks. As careful as I tried to be they I was drawn to them like a magnet! I was hard pressed to stay on my feet a few times!-But it is my last day-WONDERFUL! As I got closer to the end of the route and my pile of papers slowly dwindled I couldn't help but smile!-It is my last day!-EXCELLENT! I am very excited that after a 2 and 1/2 year absence from the worlds of Law and Order, CSI and Medium I am able to make a return! I have a really huge abnormally active imagination which comes in handy while reading a book but not so much when your out by yourself. In the dark. Walking around at 3 in the morning. So I didn't let myself watch those things because it just added to the feelings of someone watching from a dark shadow, the sound of non-existent footsteps coming from behind-I am starting to freak myself out just thinking about it!! But anyway-It is my last day!!!-FANTASTIC!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Little about Lace!

Abby likes to make sure that Lacey gets in on the dressing-up! I went in to check on her while she was taking a nap and thought this picture would be blog worthy!! She is so cute!
Lacey completly loves the Gerber Graduate fruit snacks, but I don't let her have them to often. You will see why in the video! I think she might be afraid that someone is going to take them from her or maybe she is just in a hurry and has other things to do!! Either way she is in a hurry and I dare you to try and take one!!!

Valentine Fun

We always get a little something for the kids on Valentines Day, I think it is fun to do so we do it! This year I found a little activity for them to do. It is a placemat that has colors listed in each heart. They are supposed to color each heart and then divy up the conversation hearts and place them on the matching hearts and then count how many of each color.
Abby and Dylan really had a good time. It was really hard trying to keep Dylan from eating as he was dividing up and counting! It kind of threw off his numbers!!
Here is Lacey in all her Valentine finery! It was just after she woke up from her nap. It was about the only time we would have been able to get her to leave the glasses on! As it was, they didn't stay on very long after the picture was taken!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

"I'll text ya"

It is amazing how quickly little kids grasp technology and the lingo that comes with it. Yesterday Abby and Dylan we in a "house" they built using lots of blankets and the recliner. Abby had her princess phone and I hear her voice saying "Hey mom, I am calling Grandma-she is number 4 right?", on my cell phone my mom is 4 on my speed dial. Then later she said "Mom do you want to talk to me on the phone?" As I was right in the middle of something I told I would call her back and she responded with "o.k. I will just text ya!"! Every once in a while if things are going kinda slow she will bring me my phone and request to text someone! Usually it is Bryan, my mom or my sister! It just makes me laugh! Although it is kinda sad that they are growing up in a world of speed dial! We have started to get her to memorize our phone number because I would be afraid that if something were to happen and she needed to know how to reach me she would dial a "2" (bryan and I are both 2 on each others phones) and expect to get us!! That would not be good!
I usually let Abby play on the computer while everyone else is taking naps. Probably not getting the best mom award but since she doesn't take a nap and she love to play games on the computer and it allows me to get somethings done, I let her play. I make myself feel better by telling myself that she is learning while she plays! The favorite sites at our house are the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, PBSkids, Strawberry Shortcake, and, My Little Pony. Dylan and Lacey like to watch and Abby will sometimes unbend enough to actually allow Dylan to help!! I love when they both get along, play nice and all is quiet!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

A big Happy Valentine's Day to all!! I used to not really care about Valentine's Day but over the years I have really come to enjoy it. This morning Abby and I went to our Branch Primary Activity. We had a huge valentine party for the kids. I think it went really well and all the kids seem to have a great time! When we got home Dylan and Abby decorated some cookies. That seems to be their highlight of any holiday!!! Bryan brought home some roses for me! That was a very nice surprise! He doesn't get me flowers as much as I would like him to! I love flowers they just make you feel happy! But I guess the important thing is that he does get me some right?!! I hope everyone does something fun and has a good day!! I should probably report that the breathing treatments are almost done and are going tons better! They both will sit quietly and endure them and Lacey actually fell asleep!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Are you serious?

So Lacey has had a couple bugs the last week but started with a fever and a cough monday-ish as well as Dylan. The cough is just nasty sounding!!! I really hate to take the kids to the doctor so I usually wait at least 3 days and if they still have a fever after that then I will take them in. So yesterday was the magical 4th day so in we went with Lacey. I should mention that Lacey spent all of the day before crying and trying not to sleep, she didn't want to lay down, she has three teeth coming in and the only way I could get her to sleep was to stand up with her and hold her so she was sitting up-not cool!! So I was fairly certain she had an ear infection. So 1 point for me-she has a nasty ear infection in one ear and she has RSV-a really nice respiratory virus. Dylan has the same cough so she went out to the waiting room where Bryan was sitting with the other too and she listened to him in the waiting room. Kinda funny! So he also has RSV so now I have the wonderful job of giving a 2 1/2 yr old and a 16 month old breathing treatments every 4 hours for 3-4 days. And they said it could make them a little hyper and jittery. ummmm yeah not so easy!!! What joy is mine!!!
She looks like she likes it don't you think?!! I didn't even try to get a pic of Dylan he was going ballistic and I didn't even use the mask for him!

A touch of Spring!

After a long and very very cold and very snowy december and january, february was brought us a small but much needed taste of spring! It was about 63 degrees the other day so we broke out the shortsleeved shirts and opened some windows! It was fun to watch how excited the kids were to look out the opened window! Fun but alittle sad that they were SO excited!!

A hair milestone

For the last year Abby has been talking about and begging to have long hair. Now anyone who knows her or has seen her hair knows that this could be a trial! She has the curliest hair, seriously it is tight curls! I have always kept it a little short just for convenience for me. I mean I am the one taking care of it! It is really hard to comb out and as a result we go through A LOT of detangler!! It is our best friend! Anyway I cut her hair every so often and have probably cut close to about 8 inches all together. It is just so much easier to deal with when it is short! Well since she saw Enchanted she has wanted long hair like Giselle. She talks about it all the time so I got talked into trying to let it grow out. We thought that maybe if it got longer it would weigh it down since whenever I cut it it springs into tighter curls, well this hasn't really worked!! When it is wet it hangs down between her shoulder blades but when it dries it springs back up to the middle of her neck!! Totally crazy! So anyway with it getting longer I thought she should be introduced to the world of french braids! And lo and behold it worked! Now I have to admit that my braiding skill are a little rusty and I am used to dealing with my own straight hair. Curls just add another difficulty to the whole process! But she loved them!

Monday, February 9, 2009

"I made a word!"

Abby is a little type A- she gets that from me- and she gets alittle fanatical about her books!
Abby has been trying to figure out how to read words for alittle while now. Within the last week it has really clicked that letters make sounds and sound make words and words make stories. She will bring me a book and sit down and start sounding out words! It really suprised me how quick she has picked it up. The first time she figured out a word by herself she was sitting on my lap at church and she was looking at a book (obviously!!), she put her little finger under each letter, made the sounds, said them alittle faster and then faster and the realized she said the word- she turned and looked at me with a huge smile on her face and said in a whisper "I made a word! I made a word with the letters!"! She was so excited! Now she is on her way to "read in her head" as she calls it! Whenever I am reading a book she will come up and ask "Mom? Are you reading in your head? When I get big I can read in my head?"! She cracks me up!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Something Fun!!

Hey for those of you who have a playlist, when you get the code to post it on your blog there is am option to change the background! You can totally add a picture! It is totally fun! I tried it out so you can check it out way down at the bottom!!! I think it is something I am going to have to change up alot!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Well Dylan is into pirates right now. He loves the Pirate of the Caribbean movies (edited a little!). In the dress-up stuff the kids got for Christmas I stuck some boy stuff because I didn't think Bryan would want Dylan running around in princess dresses! So I got some pirate hats and boots and he just loves them! I found this shirt and as soon as I pulled it out of the bag he said "pirates! pirates! I a pirate shirt" So needless to say I haven't really been able to get him out of it!
Dylan also doesn't particularly care to stay in his bed when we put him down for the night especially when he is really really tired. He will get down from his bed and play with cars or look at books in the hallway. He is usually really quite and you don't even know he is there until he starts talking to himself!
The other night Bryan and I were watching the end of Parent Trap on t.v.-if you are familiar with the movie (the Lindsey Lohan edition) after they get back from the camping trip the girls are up in their room going to bed and the Dennis Quaid comes in and says "Good night Ladies" well after this happens we hear a little voice in the hallway "good night ladies" We both started laughing, I turned around and said "what are you doing?" He was standing there smiling and says "I watching a movie!" I said "No your not you get back in bed mister!" Dylan smiled his mischievous smile and says "Yes My Am!". That went back and forth a couple times and ended of course with Dylan asleep in his bed. You just have to love his spunk, quick mind and the beginning grammar (that is my fav!)!