Friday, February 18, 2011

Taking Pics

I have to say that sometimes I feel bad when I tell the other kids to get out of the way when I am taking a picture of Colby! Does anyone else with more than one kid feel that way?! I love to take pic of my kids (obviously right?!!) and they all love getting thier picture taken so they want to be in every picture. So when I want a picture of just one of them and have to tell the others to scooch over a little and they get all sad I feel a little mean! But I mean hey they all have individual pictures of themselves so Colby deserves some too right?!
Here is the Colbster at 4 months. That went by crazy fast!! He is getting so big! He can roll over from his back on the tummy and from his tummy on to his back! He only likes to be on his tummy for a few minutes and if we leave him there longer than he thinks he needs to be there he will lay flat with his face nose down on the blanket and cry while slowly moving in a circle. It is hilarious although I do feel a little bad because he is upset but it is funny!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Time!

Since Abby was off of school we took advantage of ALL the free time and did her valentines for her school party! Plus it saved me from having to think of someting fun for her to do! We went for a conversation heart theme this year! We cut out hearts, wrote a little thing on the front, filled then with a little candy and a ring for the girls and a sports eraser for the boys and sealed them up and viola! Done! Abby loves them and they turned out super cute! She also has a little gift for her teacher staying with the conversation heart theme!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Blizzard 2011

Well here are some pics of all our stupid snow! When all was said and done we got about 18 inches at our house. One of the snow drifts was 33 inches high! The snow depth in the backyard was all over the place because the wind was so strong it just blew that snow all over the place. We had a couple huge drifts in the backyard so we let the kids go play for a few minutes. It was really cold probably hovering around about 5ish or so and with the windchill it was well below 0 but I didnt want the kids to miss out on the fun fresh snow just because it was freezing so we let them out for seriously 5 minutes! Plus I knew once it was warm enough for them to go play in the snow then the snow would be a yucky and gross crusty snow! Abby and Dylan had fun climbing all over the snow and falling in it and all that stuff-Lacey was way to little to try to walk through the snow she she ended up crawling on top of the snow!! So anyway here are some pics! I know that spring is supposed to be coming early but I dont know if it will be coming to Iowa early with all this snow to melt!! We have gotten over 60 inches of snow this winter-twice what we normally get. Sooooooo not cool!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

To read or Not to read

I will probably get in trouble by my friend for this but oh well! I am supposed to be reading The Host but I still cant bring mtself to do it! Everyone tells me that I will love it and that it is awesome. But......the storyline kinda freaks me out! I have read the prologue but cant seem to make myself read anymore. I just dont want to not like it! I do have it sitting out where I see it all day long and it stares at me begging to be read. So while I am trying to talk myself in reading the Host I picked up City of Bones. The cover always seemed a little wierd to me but some friends recommended it and I have to say that I really like it! It caught my attention right away and I cant wait to read the other 2 in the series! So I will get around to reading the Host.......sometime........maybe.........totally before the movie comes out!!