Monday, April 11, 2011

Abby's Spring Music Concert

Abby had her Spring Music Concert this morning and again this evening. She had a great time. She didnt have a part other than just singing the songs this time. A couple of days after her music teacher asked who wanted speaking parts she decided that she should have put her name on the list but it was too late by then. I asked her why she didnt put her name on the list from the begining and she was like "well it would be scary" i was like "whatever Abby! you get up in front of people at church and at your dance recital!!" she is so funny! So here are a couple video clips and some pics of her little concert!
ok I am having major video uploading issues! so I will get the other video up when blogger decides to not take forever to load!!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Well first off I have to say that the reponsibility wheel has been a huge success! Thankfully! The kids try to put a bid in for the jobs they want to do when we rotate the wheels-its kinda funny!
Over the last couple of weeks Colby has really been rolling over and playing with toys. It is so fun to see him learning to do new things. Once he rolls over he then can push himself backwards and in a circle! He gets himself into some interesting spots and them he will cry for help when he has nowhere left to go! He also jabbers and talks ALOT! So I guess he will fit right in with the other three running around here. I don't know why Heavenly Father thought that I could handle 4 loud talkative non-sleeping kids---I NEED SLEEP!!!!! I mean come on here!!
He also is starting to hold his own bottle which is so cute to see him do especially when he falls asleep with his little hands on it!
Its funny, sometimes I look at him and it just amazes me that we have a baby! I dont know why but sometimes it just hits me-he is just such a fun baby!