Thursday, May 14, 2015

Garden Time!

Every year Bryan and the kids plant a garden.  Notice I say Bryan, not that I don't love a good garden but he really loves a garden so I just let him go for it.  He along with the stuff he wants to grow and what I want him to grow he lets the kids all pick something they want to plant too, he is awesome like that!  The kids all love it.  This year Abby picked kale, weird choice I know but she got it so then we could use it when Bryan makes me Zuppa Toscana! She loves me!  haha!  They have some interesting things this year with the kale and there is celery and cantaloupe, we haven't done those before so we shall see how those do.  Anyway I know there are alot of them planting the plants and seeds, but they just turned out so cute and I love them and couldn't just use one or two!
 Abby helping Lacey get it planted right.
 Colby's cute little hand helping plant green onions (I think)

Reading Outside

I was working in the kitchen and just happened to look out the window and saw Abby reading to Colby on the front lawn with Lacey listening as she rolled around the yard. So I reached over to the table and grabbed my camera and darted out the door with a quick prayer they didnt stop before I could grab some pictures.  Luck was on my side this time!
 I was able to talk Lacey into stopping her rolling around the yard long enough to snap a pic of her.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Family Picture Rejects

"hey just look at the camera and smile"
 "smile normal please"
 "at me with a smile"
 "Lacey, not a freaky smile"
"the faster you just look at me the faster we will be done"

"seriously guys, come on! just look at me and give me a nice normal smile"

"oh just get it out of your system"
"okay now? please? just one?"
"are we done yet?"

this one was there idea--still didn't make them work with me very easily!
"I give up"

Warm Weather!

Warm weather means kids are outside!  Yay!!  It has been a long time coming this year.  I looked out the window and say Abby reading to Colby on the front lawn.  It was one of those moments where you grab your camera and cross your fingers they are still looking cute by the time you get out there!  Luck was in my favor the other day.
 Lacey was rolling around listen to Abby read, as we all know that one can't sit still for anything.

Colby's Birthday

If you know anything about Colby you know that he is completely addicted to popcorn.  He loves it and eats it everyday.  Give me the bad mom award if you want but somedays he has popcorn and chocolate milk for lunch.  Horrible I know but at least he is eating something right?! 
There is a bulk food store around here so for his Birthday we got him a huge bag of popcorn.  And let me tell you, you have never seen a boy that excited for popcorn before!  He was yelling and jumping around!  He went and laid on the bag and hugged it!  Then when he had to go to bed he put his blanket over the bag!  (probably because we wouldn't let him sleep with it! hahaha!)
 The next day when the older three were at school I let Colby go to town and do whatever he wanted with the popcorn.  He chose to do what anyone else would chose of course--snow angels! or popcorn angels I guess would be the better term!  Then he went and got his cars and played for hours in the popcorn.  He was one very happy little guy!

Giant Jenga!

So I have the great honor of being in charge of Enrichment activities for Church and we did a game night. I begged my friend to let me use her giant jenga game they made and gave to their kids for Christmas.  It was such a blast playing with the ladies from church but my kids loved that it took a while for the game to get picked up!  

Hours of free entertainment right there!

Making Valentines

For valentine's day this year they kids gave out bookmarks they made from paint color things.  When I told Bryan what they were going to be doing he looked at me like I was crazy.  "You are just going to go take a bunch of those things?" I was like "yep, I am".  The kids loved making them so he can just think I am crazy thats fine!