Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Little Not So Helpful Helper!

Lacey has decided that she needs to be more helpful around the house. She like to "help" me load the dishwasher. What that really means is that she takes out everything I put in and either hand them back to me or try to put them back in the rack herself.
Not so helpful!
She also really likes to help with the laundry. She is especially helpful when it comes to collecting the laundry and getting it in a basket. Unfortunatly she likes to "help" me gather the clean clothes that I have just folded and put into neat stacks.
Not so helpful!
She does all this jabbering a mile a minute and with a big smile so it is really hard to get upset with her! Especially when she thinks she is being helpful!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A little Potpourri!

Well since I still don't have my camera you will have to settle for pics from my phone! They aren't as good but will have to do!
First, after whining from all who know we got a dog, here is Zander! He is a very fun puppy, and very energetic and even though we are still working on the whole potty training thing that he really doesn't get everything is going pretty good!
Abby loves him and is willing to play provided he doesn't jump or nip at her-kinda narrows down the play time don't you think?!! Dylan is completely petrified of him and spends most of his time in his room with a gate in the doorway! Which is nice for me because I know he can't get into too much trouble in there!! If he does build up enough courage to come out and acknowledge Zander he is usually running from a doorway and on to the safety of the couch! He really isn't in to him! Lacey doesn't really care about Zander. He jumps on her and tugs on her clothes and most of the time she ignores him until her pushes him over. Her new favorite place is Zanders doggy bed. She thinks we got it for her and she tries to push him out whenever he is in it so she can sit or lay down on it!
Another thing I have been working on is redoing the living room. Since the shape of the living room doesn't lend itself to being rearranged I talked/told Bryan that we were repainting! I wanted something bright and happy so I found a beautiful yellow for the walls and a lighter shade for the ceiling. I love painting ceilings, to me it just finishes the room.
So while I was painting the carpet was really bothering me! I have really hated it for a while but was hesitant to take it up. It is an older carpet, soaks up anything that will leave a mark and just looks nasty!! it was gross when we moved in and really hasn't gotten any better so you guess it! I ask/told Bryan we were ripping up the carpet! And luck was on my side!! The floor was in pretty good condition with a very nice 70's pattern linoleum. While it isn't a pattern I would have ever ever picked it doesn't look half bad! It will do until we put in the wood floors that we really want! That was one of my selling points to Bryan to get the carpet up! I told him that now when we get the flooring we can just put it in and not have to worry about getting carpet up! He was just like "whatever". But he did say that he is glad that we took the carpet up and he likes it.
It really does open up the room! I am now working on redoing the kids rooms. I am way excited to do those now that I have finally gotten up enough courage to paint over the jungle stuff I painted on the walls and totally loved! So you have those pics to look forward to!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

A little Twilight love!

In honor of Twilight coming out on DVD I thougt I would put up this puzzle thing I found! Being totally addicted to puzzles-I thought it was really fun!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Are you Janeified?

Here you go Jen! I have done this quiz before but I am making my bestest friend Jenny Foo Foo(I know you thought I would spell it the other way! I thought about it!) take it because she took the Anne quiz and came out with only 20%, so she had to have cheated some how!! There is no way I am more Anne than she is!! Hahahaha! You know I love you!!! And don't read into the answers! Just pick one!!

I am Elizabeth Bennet! Take the Quiz here!

No Sun?!!

Well apparently Dylan is anti-sun at nap time!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Are you like Anne?

I got this from my friend Jeanette-thanks Jeanette. She reads way more than I do, if you can believe that! Anyway I love love love Anne but I must say I am glad I am not 100% Anne! How much Anne are you?! How Anne are You? How Anne are You?

Monday, March 16, 2009

New Things!

Well last weekend we drove out to pick up our new puppy! He is half havanese and half the neighbor's dog (hehe). We named him Zander and he is totally awesome! Unfortunately I left my camera in Ohio so I don't have any pics to show you right now. It really isn't my fault that I left it, that belongs to my brother Bryan who showed up as we were walking out the door, literally! So I put it down to give him a hug and forgot about it in the 10 minutes where we quickly visited before we hopped in the car and headed back home! I also have a ton of post that required pictures that I wanted to catch up on but it looks like that will have to wait too! I also talked Bryan (husband, kinda confusing to keep them straight I know, I usually say Bryan and Brother Bryan!) into painting the living room. He wasn't all that excited about it. He comes from a household where nothing much changed in the decorating department and definitely not in the colors that I like to use!! I cam from a household where furniture was definitely NOT nailed down and was frequently changed from room to room. Alot. After my parents bought a house my mom never hesitated painting and repainting whenever she wanted, and unfortunately for Bryan that is something I got from her! Bryan was like "but we only have had it this color for 2 years." My response " It has been this way for TWO YEARS!!" I needed a change! So we went from a very nice brown color that I loved to a muted yellow that is awesome!! It makes the room feel bigger and it is brighter and just makes you feel happy all around!! I also got him to rip up the carpet that I hated! Something else he wasn't really excited about. So when I get my camera back I will post some pics!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Upset=Clean House

When I get upset, mad or really frustrated, I clean. I really clean. So as my house was needing a really good cleaning it worked out that I was completely thoroughly seriously irritatingly frustrated!!! I think that covers it all! Have you ever had a day where the kids just don't listen and you feel like you are talking or using a raised voice at a brick wall and it smiles at you like "is that all you got?!" Well today was one of those days just times that brick wall by 5 and add a puppy! Have you ever been in a situation that is really really irritating and you cant do anything about it because if you said anything then it would just hurt feelings and upset people, it wouldn't make you feel any better anyway because you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings and would really end up not do anything to change anything so you just suck it up and try to let it go? Add that to the brick walls and all I have to say is my house is clean.

Friday, March 6, 2009

My 2 Homes

Well I feel bad because I have a lot of fun pics that I want to get up but time has not been my friend! Bryan has taken my laptop for schoolwork, so I can't really be upset with him, so that has limited my computer time! I could have gone downstairs to use that "real" computer but it is ALOT slower and we don't have heat in the basement so it is REALLY cold after about 5 minutes! So all that and trying to get used to no papers it has been a little crazy! I am still trying to figure out how to sleep all night! I wake up 2 or 3 times in a panic to figure out what time it is until I remember that it doesn't matter! Talk about instant panic! I will be sleeping nicely then all of a sudden my eyes fly open, my heart starts going a mile a minute, I sit straight up, try and focus on the clock and then it hits me that I don't have to get up! Try calming down after that enough to go back to sleep! Kinda hard! We are on our way out to Ohio this weekend to pick up our puppy! It will be interesting! I am so excited to go to Ohio! I haven't been out there for forever! I love going home out there although I do have to say that Bryan hates it when I call Ohio home. He is always "You live out here now so this is your home". Well "duh!" , but I can have 2 homes!!! It might sound weird but I feel very comfortable out there and I like to be the one who drives when we get there! I know exactly where everything is and I have a couple roads that I love to drive on! I know it sounds kinds loopy! But even though I have been out here for 6 years it still scares me driving some places because I am not really sure where I am! Everything is much better in Ohio!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy B-day to Dr. Seuss!!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!! I have to admit he is total fav at out house! I love way to many to even try to pick a quote!! Sugardoodle has a whole page on activities, games, and crafts that are Seussified so have some fun!!!