Saturday, December 25, 2010


This is Christmas so far at our house! The gifts from the grandparents far out do anything we got them this year and you can tell my parents managed to get the one thing they really really wanted!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

I knew there was NO way Christmas cards were going to get mailed out this year with a new baby and my address book disappeared!! So were are going cyber this year!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Colby's photo shoot!

We had a little photo shoot with our awesome friends at Butler Photgraphy! Jen and Paul are so amazing at what they do! I had a hard time picking which ones to post so you get a bunch to look at but thats o.k. for 2 reasons-1. they are awesome pictures and 2. Colby is just so dang cute!

Abby's Winter Concert

Abby had her Winter Concert on monday. It was also Grandparents day and since both sets of Grandparents were out of town I went to both the morning and evening show. I got the video of her in the morning and didnt take the camera in the evening but shouls have because we were able to sit on the second row right in front of where she was!! But oh well right! It was alot of fun because we only had Dylan with us-we dropped Lacey and Colby off with some friends so we were actually able to watch and enjoy the whole thing! Abby got to play the tone bars so she had to dress-up-she was so excited!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tree Decorating!

Well we finally got around to decorating the tree today! It has been up with lights on it but none of the fun stuff!! We have a small tree with plastic ornaments and it will stay that way for a few more years until little fingers can learn to not play with them! We also went to a fundraiser the Scouts were having where they were taking family pics courtesy of Butler Photography-some of my favorite people!
Its just the kids this year-a pic of the whole fam will have to wait till the summer when all the baby weight is gone!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Catch Up Time!

Well now that I have a few minutes to stop and breathe!-I thought I would write about what we have been up to! Some of these pics and stuff are way over due but here we go! First off -one day when Colby was still in the hospitol I took Lacey and Dylan with me to go see him. While I snuggled with Colby, Dylan and Lacey played with file folder games I made-Lacey also spent time rolling all over the floor and playing in the curtain!
Back at the Beginning of September my Aunt Becky passed away so off to Ohio the kids and I went. My cousin Meagan (my aunt was her mom) her boyfriend and my Grandpa flew out from California and my sister and her 2 girls were able to be there also. Everyone but my brother Keven were there but Keven was there in spirit! As sad as the circumstances of our gathering were my family has always been able to find something to keep things on the lighter side.
My Aunt was alot of fun and always very sweet. I am really glad she was able to spend time with my kids-they totally loved her and everytime the see a PT Cruiser the say "thats Aunt Becky's car mom!".
My Aunt's passing was the 3rd in my family in just a couple of months we decided -as probably only my family can do-to have some laughs amid all the tears and to just really enjoy spending time with each other. Since Keven couldn't be there and we knew he really wanted to we had a photo developed and taped it to a tiki torch and took him with us! We then sent him the pics so he could feel apart of things.
Here he is hula hooping with Abby.
Here he is with my sister and mom and the flowers we all bought for her.
Here he is eating some tomatoes from the garden.
Here he is at the Air Force Museum.
We were able to there with my Grandpa who worked on the development of the SR-71 and the U2 Spy Plane. It was really pretty fun to hear all his stories.
(this is the one and only prego-pic you will see of me!)
Amid all the things that needed to be done for my Aunt we had to come up with things to keep the kids busy. We bought a roll of coloring pages from Micheals-it was awesome! We just taped it to the table and then the kids could color whenever they wanted and then we spent alot of time outside!
I know this ended up being long but I am covering a lot of time!! I am so glad to have my camera cord back!! Anyway I am so grateful for my family and all the time we have been able to spend together-it is a very rare thing that we can be together! And I was very excited that my Grandpa was able to meet his great-grandkids-Lacey totally fell in love with him and was his little shadow!