Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kicking the kids outside!

The Abby and Dylan had early out today, which means they got out of school at 1:00.  I knew the weather was going to be nice (well relatively, if you call 40 degrees nice!)  so I held Colby's nap off till after they got home.  Threw Colby in bed when we got home and kicked the other 3 outside!  And I have to say man it was so nice!!  They had a great time of course and I took Colby out when he woke up so he was one very happy little boy! 
Now I think we all know by now that I love taking outside playing pictures!  So here you are!
 Colby can't seem to help himself and always tries to climb up the slide even though it will only work if he is barefoot!
 Lacey taking a break and eating some animal crackers that I brought outside-look.  She was wearing her Tinkerbell slippers but she "couldn't run super fast" in those so she traded them in for her regular slippers because some how they work better?!
 Here is Lacey and her "hey mom take a picture of me like this" pose.
 Poor Colby had to fight to get on his little slide!
 Emma, out neighbor came over and had some fun.
 Here is Dylan's "Hey Mom take a picture" pose.
 Abby got this huge volley ball from school when they were giving away some of the older gym equipment and is trying to learn how to play volleyball-the only real problem is the ball is about twice the size as a regular volleyball!
so here is to hoping that playing for about 3 hours outside makes them all sleep in for alittle bit!!  I am not asking much just for them to sleep past 6:30!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Colby and the Doctor's Office

Colby had his 2 year check-up the other day and usually we dont have to wait very long in the room, but they had some other patient issues that day so we were in the room alot longer than usual!  Colby did really well for the first little bit.  All smiles!
Then he started to get a little antsy.
 And tried to make a break for it!
 Then was mad because he couldnt get the door open!
So he went for round 2!
and I had to run to catch him, he was half way down the hall at that point!  But we didnt have to wait too much longer after that.  But it was a good thing we were there because that little stinker was starting a double ear infection so we were able to get him on some meds before it got too bad!  Woohoo!

Happy Halloween B-day Colby!!

Well I feel horrible that I never did a post for Lacey's B-day but honestly you can look at the last 4 of her parties and it was basically the same!!  Another TinkerBell party!  So anyway I will get some pics of that up but on to Colby's party!  We had his party on Dewitt's trick or treat night.  It was alot of fun!  Here is our food spread!
I think the highlight of the food was the worms!  They look so really, it totally grosses me out just to look at the bowl!
 Poor Colby didnt really get a chance to play with his new toys-the older ones kinda took over!
 Lacey and her costume was just one of the funniest things I think I have ever seen!  But she just loved it!

So Colby had a fun birthday and the kids all had fun trick or treating so it was a good Halloween for us this year!