Friday, June 25, 2010

Can You Say "Excited"?!!!

Well I am officially announcing the coming arrival of one more Stoker baby!! Baby number 4 is one its way! I am 21 weeks and we found out today that it is a boy!! Wahooo!!! I am very excited that it is not a girl-that may sound mean and I love my 2 girls but they are very intense about ohhhh everything! Now we will have 2 of each and as Abby said as she danced around the room after we told her it was a boy "It's equal! It's equal! It's equal!!!" She was very happy that we would have the same number of boys and girls in the family!! The pic is blurry but will just have to do for now!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dancing Fun!

Abby had her Spring Recital on Saturday. I volunteered to be one of the class mom's to help with all the girls. Now you might be wondering why I did that when I should be sitting in the audience to watch with all the other parents-well I did it for a couple of reasons-first they needed people and didn't have any volunteers for her class and night-second she wanted to stay for the finale and I knew that if she was going to stay that long she wouldn't want to be with someone she didn't know and third it was one less ticket we had to buy! and fourth it saved Bryan from having to sit through 3 hours of dances when Abby's was 7th of the night!! He was a happy boy!
Anyway Abby was excited that I was going to be with her the whole time and that I would be able to watch her dance from backstage. She did awesome and had a great time!
The video of her dancing is from the Rehearsal night-they don't allow recording or taking picture on the actual performance night which is too bad for you guys because Abby spends most of this dance watching the other girls as she dances and on the actual performance she looked straight ahead like she was supposed to! I was so proud of her!
Bill and Jenny were able to come and they brought her flower-which she was soooo excited for, she had been talking all day about hoping someone brought her some flowers!