Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stones Apple Barn

We took the kids to Stones Apple Barn on saturday for some apple picking fun!  They have a 20 pound minimum so we got lots!!   We got to take a tractor ride out to the row we wanted to start on.  Abby, Dylan and Lacey loved it of course and Colby did not!  I was surprised!  I thought he would have loved it but once we started going he started crying-I felt bad for him being scared but it was pretty funny!
Lacey tossing an apple over her shoulder because it was "so gross".
 One thing I thought was awesome is that you can eat as many apples as you want while you are picking!  The kids loved this and ate a bunch-I think Colby had about 3 or 4!
They also had animals you could feed apples to.  Including you guessed it cows!!  Lacey was so excited!  She kept calling to them and they came running expecting to be fed so they weren't to happy to find out we were empty handed!  I think Lacey bubble was busted when these cows came up to the fence because they were an awfully smelly bunch!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Well this is my 300th post! How fun huh?! And how appropriate being that we live in farm country that is be about taking the kids to John Deere Pavillion to see all the tractors!

It has been awhile since we have been over there and they have this awesome kid section now will all kinds of hands on stuff for them to do!
 I think these pics are a must for any kid visiting the pavillion!
 And the tractor pics for the girls.  The thing that is so fun about this place is that you can climb up on just about every thing in there and check out all the huge farm equipment.
 Lacey means business!
 And I think we have found future summer jobs for Dylan and Colby!
 The kids saved the big one for last!  They were so excited to climb up into this bad boy!
So all in all fun times at the John Deere Pavillion for the kids and I do have to say that they have some fun stuff for adults-they have some simulators for stuff and Bryan loved those although I didnt get a pic of him!