Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Responsibilities not Chores!

In an effort to help the kids learn more about reponsibility and that the have to help out with things around the house because they are part of the family we have intoduced the Responsibilty Wheel. I didnt want to call it a chore chart because I wanted them to feel like they are in charge of doing certain jobs and not like we were forcing them to do it. Does that make any sense? I am having a hard time explaining it!
Anyway, We talked about what responsibility is and then I found a game about family members reponsibilites in the family that fit right in! In the game you answer questions about how to help other family members and what certain family members are in charge of and along the way you collect your family! The kids totally loved it!
Then we introduced the Reponsibility Wheel.
All the wheels rotate so they wont be in charge of the same combination of jobs week after week. The were pretty excited so we will see how it works! I made the wheel so that all the jobs get done after dinner so the house is pick-up and clean ready for the next day. So the first wheel has the names of course, the second wheel is for the kitchen, the third wheel is for both bedrooms (Abby, Dylan and Lacey all play in each others rooms so with toys being taken from room to room I figured this would be the easiest for a quick evening pick up) the fourth wheel is thier Room of Resposibility-in this room they are in chare of making sure all the kid things are pick-up and put away and the trash is thrown away and the last wheel is for the bathroom. All the jobs are easy so all three of the kids can do them mostly by themselves. Obviously we will have to help Lacey on some of them! We talked about how if we all do the things that we are responsible for and work together that it would make the family happy. So cross your fingers and let's hope this works and the kids learn a little reponsibility!