Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Morning!

Here is a pic of our Christmas card this year!  It turned out awesome!  although it was a hard pic to get because Colby didnt want to have anything to do with holding the lights!  It took alot of talking and I think he went through a couple candy canes!
We had a great Christmas this year and actually got some pics of the kids unwrapping gifts.  That usually doesnt happen since I usually am the one to take pics and am usually passing out the presents so a huge hug and a thanks to Bryan who picked up the camera this year!!
As you can see Abby is already in character to were her Cinderella shirt!
 One of Lacey's favs is her Ponyville train, although she has to fight with Colby to play with it!  He doesnt care that it is purple all he sees is a train moving by itself!
 Bill and Jenny came up to watch kids unwrap gifts in the morning and everytime Colby would get one he would take it over to Jenny to have some help-it was so super cute!
 Another awesome gift was they all got a new fleece blanket.  I dont know why but my kids are blanket hoarders!  They dont think that you can have too many blankets-Bryan says otherwise, but as for me I agree with the kids!  Plus it is an easy gift and I know they will always be excited!
 Dylan got a headlamp-which he totally loves but also has to fight Colby for! 
 The big family gift this year was Just Dance Disney Party and I think Abby almost peed her pants when that one was opened!  She was so excited!  They have played it just about everyday and its been fun to watch them try to get the hang of it!
Anyway hope you had a great Christmas!!  This wraps up my get this year all posted before the new year starts blog dump!  But I am sure I will find a couple pics that I forgot later on!! 

Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve is usually spent at Bryan's parents house and is always tons of fun!  We started the evening off with some super awesome Christmas Karaoke! 
While the singing was going on Colby saw the wide open floor and just couldnt hold himself in anymore and had to roll all over it!  So everyone took turns rolling around the floor with him!  He totally loved it!  He was just laughing and laughing!
Next Jenny had a game where you hold a ribbon with a red pompom tied to it and then put vasaline on your nose and try to get the pompom to stick to your nose like you are Rudolf!  Another crowd pleaser and totally funny to watch!
 When Bryan was growing up the kids would put on a little talent show on Christmas Eve and since all the grandkids are now old enough to participate it has been reinstated!
Sasha and Abby sang a song together-they did awesome of course!
My guys with Sasha added in made paperbag reindeer puppets and sang Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.  Highlight of the evening for everyone I am sure! hehehe!
 And of course there is always lots of yummy food but I think what the kids liked most were the chocolate covered apples!  They were so dang cute and must have taken forever to make!
Super fun night and best part was by the time we got home it was off to bed with the kids, who thankfully fell asleep super fast and bonus for me all the presents were already wrapped and ready to go so I didnt have to spend the rest of my evening wrapping!  It was awesome!!

Abby's Holiday Concert

Abby's Holiday Concert was a snow storm theme too.  There was a storm was coming and it looked like they were all going to be stuck at school.  It was really cute!  Abby tried out for a solo this time which really surprised me!  She didn't get it this time but she has already decided that for the spring concert she is trying out for everything-dancing, singing, and a speaking parts!  She is determined to get one!  She had a dancing part last spring and she totally loved it!  Anyway once again blogger is being stupid about videos so those will have to wait as well as her Holiday Recital video.  She is taking a Lyrical class this year and completely LOVES it!!  So you have that to look forward to!

Dylan's Holiday Concert

Dylan's Holiday Concert theme this year was "The Big Chill"  it had to do with a big snow storm that was coming and would bring with it a snow day!!  He tried out and got a speaking part, he was so super excited and did an awesome job!  He got the part of the Math Teacher and had one line when the "teachers" were talking about what will happen if school is cancelled the next day.  I think he had a good time and I think he would try out for a part again, at least I hope he will because I think it is really good for him to get up there and kinda get past his shyness!!
 K-so super annoyed!  Blogger isnt uploading any videos!  Hopefully I can get that figured out and then get them posted!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Colby Colby Colby!

So as you can tell from the title this post is all about Colby because well he is 2 and is really the only one doing anything funny or cute right now!
 He wanted some chocolate milk so instead of just asking for it he brought me all the stuff! 
He gave us a concert the other day-just ignore how messy the house was!  We were playing instead of cleaning that day!
Colby also discovered that he could fit himself in the little tables by the couch.  I dont know what his deal is but he loves to try and fit in the smallest spaces possible!
He also was a big helper helping Bryan take out the trash!  It might have taken twice as long but Colby loved it!