Monday, April 26, 2010

Abby's Spring Program

Abby had her Spring Program at school today. She has been so excited! She did great! Thier theme was "American All"- the narration was they were doing an internet search of the word "American" and it talked about all the people who came from other countries and that we are all Americans. So the songs they sang were from all around the world. Abby had a great time. Here are a couple clips. I tried to pick ones that you could understand most of the words, sometimes it wasnt that easy!!
Sorry this one is a little bumpy but Lacey was trying to climb all over me! Abby specifially asked me to get this song-she likes at the end when they all bow thier heads-she thought that was cool!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Abigail!!

Abby is 6! She has been so excited about her birthday! She has been talking about what kind of party she wants for about the last 8 months. Since then it has been Fancy Nancy. So we planned a Fancy Nancy themed party-luckily I hadnt botten anything yet because last monday she changed her mind and wanted a Pinkalicious party. She loves loves loves pink and loves the book Pinkalicious! So we scraped the Fancy Nancy plans and went on to the Pink!
Everything was pink! Streamers, balloons, tablecloth, plates, silverware, napkins, pink cupcakes (the girl in Pinkalicious turns pink by eating too many pink cupcakes) with pink frosting and pink sprinkles! She got lots of pink presents, including her own copy of the Pinkalicious book! (You might think it wierd that she didn't already have a copy but last year my mom took her to the book store to buy it for her for her birthday and she decided to get Purpleicious because she hadnt read that one yet!)
Here she is with one of her fav presents-her pink hula-hoop! And man she can hula!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lacey's New Cast

Well Lacey got her new cast yesterday! I was a little worried about how she would handle it when they had to cut her cast off-but she did awesome! She was upset of course but didn't completely freak out. Once it was off she immediately covered her leg with her blanket like it had some special protection powers or something-it was kinda funny! She wouldn't even let me look at her leg or touch it. Every time I would try to pull the blanket back she would say "No! Stop it! Don't touch!" as she pulled her blanket back over it. She barely let the Doctor look and touch her leg! the funny thing was as much as she didn't want anyone touching it as soon as the guys came in to put on the new cast and he pulled out the sock thing they put on first she held her leg out for him and didn't put up any fuss at all! She just sat there totally fine and didn't make a sound! Before the doctor came in I showed her the paper with all the cast colors and asked her which one she wanted-she picked purple as you can tell! I asked her twice just to make sure and she picked purple both times!
So now she has her little shoe so she can walk-but will she? Nope! She wont but any weight on it, she wouldn't even crawl! It is almost like she needs to figure out how to do things all over again-since she wont use her leg at all, not even her knee-it is pretty funny to watch her try to get up on a chair or the couch! I finally got her to crawl this morning but mostly she just scoots on her bum. I knew it would take her a little while before she would walk on it so we will keep you posted!