Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Skinny Colby!

Well poor Colby is getting the short end of the nursing stick! He hasnt gained any weight and has lost weight since he has been home. It really isnt his fault-I have totally have skim-no cream here! So he pretty much uses everything he gets and has nothing to store. We have had to go in for weight checks 3 times and have another one on friday. We have been supplementing a couple feedings with formula in hopes that he will put on some weight. I started that on monday after we saw the doc. so hopefully it will work otherwise it might not be too good! But I am pretty sure he will be fine-he will just be on yucky formula instead of getting the good stuff! I am a little sad because I like nursing but if he cant get the fat he needs to gain some weight then there isnt much I can do about that- He needs to start packing it on! I do have some way cute pics but my cord to upload the pics off the camera onto the computer is at my mom's house so you have to wait a couple weeks for those!