Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lacey gets painted toenails!

I was right in the middle of making dinner the other night when Lacey asked me if I could paint her toes. I told her I could do that in just a couple mintes when dinner was in the oven. But before I was done she went in and asked Bryan to paint her toes for her! How cute is this?!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter Weekend in Ohio!

(this is a goose in my parents front yard that we give my mom the hardest time for having and Lacey-the animal lover that she is decided she wanted to travel by goose instead of car)
We went to Ohio over Easter weekend-Abby was on Spring Break that weekend too so it worked out good. The weather was gray cold an rainy the whole time but we had so much fun! We took the kids to Boonshoft Discovery Museum, which it totally awesome!! The kids had a blast! They played with the water table, where Bryan and Uncle Jeff tried to show off their building expertise--tried...!
There was a huge climbing thing with slides and stuff-I dont have pics of that because I had to help the kids climb up a spiral rope net thing and I thought it would be better to have both hands free to catch someone if they slipped!!
There was a recycling room with a game where you had to match up things you recycle with the things it saves and a recycling truck where you sort items-once a again Bryan and Jeff got in the fun with the kids and were trying to sort all the items as fast as the could because they wanted to see if the could jam the machine-nice huh?!
Colby wasn't very interested in recycling-he opted to drink his bottle instead.
The kids got to go to jail-they were guilty as charged and were sentenced to time already spent in jail for failure to clean up toys.
After we busted them out we went and made some pizza and did some shopping. While the girls did some hands on excavating-dylan worked with the microscope!
There was also a section on electricity with a bunch of hands on things to do-we were there in time to catch a little show where they made peoples hair stand on end! It was pretty cool but of course none of my kids would volunteer to help!
Later at home Grandpa played Polly Pockets with the girls!! But he had to have Abby help change the clothes because his hand were to big to work with the tiny clothes!!
I was able to spend time with a couple of my friends-it was so fun!! I dont know what it is about being back "home" and spending time with people you grew up with. I miss it! Then my friend Sarah came over in the evening and we had a blast-she is so hilarious-I just love her!! I was so sad to leave. I wish we could live in Ohio.
It was just such a wonderful weekend and thankfully after a few hard couple of days Bryans allergies calmed down and he was able to have a little fun too!
My Dad, Jeff and Bryan hid eggs for the kids to find-they hid them good, it was fun to watch them hunt the eggs. My Dad is a amazing egg hider!
I have a couple other stories but this post is super long with the pictures and stuff so I will add those soon!!