Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dylan and Colby!

It is fun to see Dylan and Colby playing now that Colby is a little older and more interactive. Dylan pulled all the big pillows that are in the playroom out an made a little area to play with Colby. Colby loved falling on the pillows. Even when Dylan was done playing with him Colby would walk back and fall and roll all over the pillows and his blankets, then he would come out and go back. It was really funny!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hello Grandpa!

I totally missed this pic!! My Dad got in from Cali just a couple hours after we got to Ohio so we suprised him at the airport-it was tons of fun! My Dad and the kids loved it! And since they were up way way late they actually slept in! but that was probably mostly because of the time difference more than them staying up late!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An Awesome Laugh!

Abby has the touch to get Colby laughing! She can get his to laugh like noone else. It is so fun to hear them. Abby is such a great big sister. I just love her so much!! And of course Colby is just so dang cute too!!

Ohio Fun!

So my parents are moving to California for a while to take care my Grandpa, Great Uncle and Great Aunt. Not the most exciting news for me but I understand why they are going. So after a rather huge pity party that I threw for myself I sucked it up and made myself get over it. Still not all that happy but it is what it is. Anyway so we went out one last time before they left and my brother and his roommates took over the house. I had a couple friends tell me I could still come out and visit them but that would just be weird to "go home" to Ohio but not "go home"-if that makes sense. Plus what would I do out there with my mom and dad gone-its pretty much why we go, so anyway enough of that. On to more fun things.
Dylan and Abby discovered Legos and they LOVED them! So they might be something we will be getting sometime soon!
Abby, Dylan and Lacey were also addicted to my Mom's DS. They were really good at taking turns. While Abby and Dylan were entranced by the legos Lacey took over the DS-she wouldnt even put it done when she had to go to the bathroom. My Dad got a picture of sitting on the potty playing! She is so funny!
Colby with his snarky face-he was tired of us all telling him that he couldnt have the legos!
The weather was great so we took the kids out to a really cool park for a picnic. I love this picture of Colby-he looks like a little Harry Potter casting a spell-hehehe!!
I love this pic too!! Way cute with my Dad and the Colbster!
Lacey wanted me to take a picture of her "playing" me a song on the music notes!
Dylan, my Dad, and Jeff doing a little disc golf. The kids love for Jeff to throw the discs so they can run around and pick them up-I know they are easily entertained!
It is always tons of fun in Ohio! I was very glad to get out there and dont really want to think about how long it will be till we get out there again.


A little late on this post but we have been a little busy! So here is the crew in their Halloween finery!
This pile looks way bigger in person than it does in the picture! I had to carry their bags because they were complaining that they were to heavy-it was pretty funny!
Here are Abby and Dylan in their parade at school. They both had a great time!
Dylan was in charge of the snack for his party at school so we made these awesome sugar cookies. I made enough so they could have enough different pieces to make 2 faces. They loved them!!