Thursday, July 25, 2013

Zoo Time!

We went to the Niabi Zoo!  I love that Zoo.  It is big enough to have some fun animals but small enough for the kids to walk and not get tired and crabby.  This is one of the required zoo pics-sitting on the hippo statue!
 The of course we have to feed the fish!
Swimming with the fish are a bunch of swans and in them this gorgeous black one!
 And the second of the required pics-What kind of bird are you?  We found out this year that Dylan has a longer wingspan than Abby and let me tell you she was not happy about that!
 All three fall between these two birds.
 The kids made Bryan line up and he was just shy of an Eagle!  Now if only he was really that tall!  That would be awesome!!  lol!
 And of course I had to get a pic of the giraffe!  Cuz he is beautiful! 

Independence Day part 2

We went to our town Fourth of July parade and Bryan's parents joined up and brought Olivia (cousin)! 
 Colby decided that to intertain himself he would play drums on everyones hats.  Yeah they didnt really care for him doing that.
 After the parade we headed over Bryan's parents for a BBQ and a little fun in the water!
 Once again Colby not a fan of the water.
 After all that fun we headed out for fireworks!  Colby found a way to entertain himself while all the bigger kids were playing games! 
 Dylan talked Bryan into playing I Spy Go Fish-looks like fun right?!
 The girls got Nana to play a Fancy Nancy game.
The picnic was super yummy and the fireworks were awesome!  So all in all a very busy but super fun Independence Day for this fam!

Independence Day! part 1

Ok so there is this field by the walkpath near our house and as soon as I saw the big hay bales I knew I had to take some fun pics with them!  I wanted to take pics at dusk because that is my favorite kind of light to take pictures in.  The only problem was that since we were close to the treeline I had about half the time I wanted!  And when dealing with Colby and taking pics I needed all the time I could get!  They werent exactly what I wanted but I got some fun ones in the mix.  The are a lot and I mostly put them up for my mom so I wont feel bad if you skip a bunch!!  hehehe!!