Thursday, August 25, 2011


So back at the beginning of June when my parents came out for Abby's recital Bryan and my Dad made a couple sets of Ladder Ball. This kids love to play and while they haven't quite gotten it down they have fun with it.
If you know Bryan you know that he likes to push people's buttons because he thinks it is funny and he knows exactly which ones to push to get Abby going!!
So after a game between the two of them Abby came over to tell me that Bryan was cheating! She is so funny!
One thing I have really love it that Abby and Dylan and Lacey all play really together. They always are making up some kind of game to play! They are awesome!
I had to put these next pictures in because they are just too funny!
Don't worry she wasn't upset-she smiled, laughed and got back on! But man its a good thing she is young and flexible because that would be hurting if it were me!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dylan's paper airplane!

Dylan made his first paper airplane today! He was way excited! It was so cute to watch him-he was concentrating so hard! Colby noticed I was taking pictures and decided to cruise on over so he could be in one! He was pretty proud of himself!

Friday, August 19, 2011

School Starts!!

Well the 1st day of school was a huge smashing success! Abby is a big 2nd grader and totally loves it. Dylan , my big Kindergartener, was a little nervous but very excited! He loves his 1st day and was excited to go again today, so thats good right?!! Abby just loves school so I think that has really helped to get Dylan pumped up for it! So, so far so good-but since its only the 2nd day we will see! hahaha!
So now it is Lacey and Colby at home and man is it quiet! Lacey has alway been awesome at playing by herself and when Colby goes down for a nap man I can get alot done! And it STAYS done! well at least untill the other 2 come home!
Poor Lacey just doesnt understand why she cant go to school. She keeps asking when Abby and Dylan will be home, hopefully that wont last to much longer as she gets used to them being gone. And I think when her dance class starts that that will help too. She is so excited for that. I cant wait to see how she does-she has a lot of personality packed into that little body!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Outside in Ohio

These are the last of the Ohio pictures. The kids love to go run around my parents huge backyard and I love the pictures I can get when the sun sets! I think it is so funny how Abby's hair always lights up like a halo!
I dont know why but I just love this picture of Lacey!
We also had fun blowing bubbles-a must-do-favorite activity with the kids!
And now back in Iowa, it took a few days for them to adjust to real life-man those guys were grumpy!! So now we are trying to beat the end of summer boredom by breaking out huge coloring pages and extra long playing on the computer time! Which they love and I actually have to force them to get off the computer. Thankfully the humidity has left for a few days and the temps are down so they can at least go outside or more than 5 minutes without melting!