Saturday, June 22, 2013

Picnic Time!

Abby, Dylan and Lacey were all outside playing so Colby and I surprised them with a picnic lunch!
I don't know why I dont do picnics more often.  It is such an easy simple thing and they totally love it!
They tried to play a little frisbee but Colby kept running over and crawling between everyones legs so they had a hard time moving around!
Lacey climbed up into Colby's swing then asked Dylan if he could push her.  He had already climbed up in to the fort thing so he got creative!
 The slide was the thing to play on that day apparently. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

T-Ball Again!

This will be my last post on t-ball!  There are alot of pics because I love them all and couldnt choose!  Plus this was Dylan's only 7pm game (the rest are and have been earlier) and I was hoping that with the sun going down I would be able to get some fun pictures with the lighting!
 He got to play 1st base tonight.  So he got lots of practice throwing to home plate!
 Waiting in batting order till its their turn.  They are all really good at knowing where they are supposed to be and when its their turn to warm up or bat.  Both of their coaches are always on the field helping so they are pretty much on their own when its their turn to bat.
His coaches have them all paired up with each other and Dylan is always with this little girl.  During one inning they were playing at the pitching position.  The ball was hit and Dylan got it and needed to throw it to 1st base.  The girl was standing between him and the base so she crouched down so he could throw it over her.  It was so cute and of course that was when I was watching and not taking pictures! 

Swim Lessons!!

So the kids are taking swim lessons again and this session is almost over to time to think of something for a swim teacher gift!  The kids all wanted to give thier teachers squirt guns so this is what we came up with- it says " You are a lifesaver! Thanks for taking the time to teach a little squirt like me how to swim!"
 Colby spends his time while waiting for swim lessons to be over by terrorizing ants
 Abby was kinda nervous because her class spend most of thier time in deeper water but she is doing awesome!
 I honestly dont know what Dylan has learned this time.  He is in the same level as Abby but they split it by age and his class is way bigger than hers and they dont seem to be doing the same stuff and I mostly just see Dylan goofing off!
 And Lacy......
 well she's Lacey!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Colby and Pistachios

Colby has discovered pistachios.  I have discovered that if I or anyone else wants so I can not leave them on the table!  He will climb up and sit there and just eat away!
 I tried to get a picture of him actually eating one and the smile that comes with it but he wouldn't really give me the time of day all he was focused on was getting the next pistachio!  Such a little stinker!

Abby's b-day!

 For Abby's birthday this year she had a "dance" party.  We made tutus for all the girls and they totally loved them!
 They played Just Dance Disney.  It was so hilarious to watch them doing the dances!  Then after everyone had a turn picking a song they were like "lets play a game!  do you have a game?!"  I was like "ummm sure hang on a minute!"  So I grabbed some safety pins and some rice threw then in a bowl and let them go for it!  You have to close your eyes and try to pick out as many safety pins as you can.  It is really hard!!  I played it once at a baby shower but figured it would work for these girls and they really had fun with it, but when they were all done they were all lets play another game!  So I had to think real quick and then had then races cups buy blowing them with straws.  That was totally hilarious!  And then you guessed it they asked for another game so instead I broke out the camera and then thought to my self "why didn't you give them the camera forever ago and let them take pics?  That would have kept them busy for a while!!
For Abby's present this year we got her tickets to see Cinderella by the Quad Cities Ballet!!  She was so excited!  It was her first time going to the ballet, mine too and we both loved it!!  We went Abby's Nana Jenny, her Aunt Natalie, and her cousins Sasha and Olivia.  Jenny was super sweet and bought them all tiaras to wear and I think one of the things the girls thought was cool was being able to go up and watch the orchestra tune up in the pit!  Jenny got some cute pics of the girls while we were they so when I get them I will post them!
(this is when she opened her present and the read what the tickets were for and then after a few minutes she finally got it!)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

End of the School Year!

Abby and Dylan had the ever exciting Field Day this year.  And this year I was smart and got a babysitter for Lacey and Colby!  I must say that while they probably would have enjoyed watching it was so nice to not have to worry about them!  Colby would not have been happy being stuck in a stroller!
They had six events-bean bag toss, 50 yard dash, hurdles, long jump, batton relay, and the most favorite tug of war!
 Each class is given a color shirt to wear and this year it worked out that both Abby and Dylan had to wear purple!  They thought that was pretty funny.
 Abby's last day as a 3rd grader and Dylan's last day as a 1st grader! 
In August I will have a 4th grader, a 2nd grader and a Kindergartener!  It is just crazy and it seems to be going by so fast!

Spring Music Concerts

 Dylan's Spring Music Concert was about hats this year.  I know big surprise considering the picture!!  He did awesome this year although he needs to work on smiling while he is up there!!  I mean come on Dylan is one smile too much to ask for??!!  He had a little excitement during his program.  One of the little boys next to him started bullying a kid in the next row down.  He started by not letting anyone near him do and of the actions to songs and them kept flipping the other kids hat off his head.  Then he got a little more aggressive and Dylan got an elbow in the eye.  The boy started pushing and kicking the other little boy.  After a few minutes the teachers saw what was happening and went behind the rizers, reached in and pulled that kids down and back!!  Once they took him down all the parents started clapping!  And the kids kept singing and doing their actions the whole entire time. Their music teacher was awesome-she just kept them singing and they didnt miss a beat at all!  But despite that happening the program was really cute.  I love to see Dylan up there singing!  While he never really looks like he enjoys it-he really does!  I just havent been able to capture his elusive smile!
 Abby's program went really well too and thankfull lacked the excitement that Dylans had.  I mean it was crazy I dont think I have ever seen actual bullying like that before!  There was one kid during Abby's program that was starting to get a little crazy-he was laughing and trying to get other kids attention and man there was a teacher back there talking to him in no time flat!!  What had happend the night before was flying around thier little school and they weren't taking any chances the rest of the time!
 Abby after the program with her good friend Henna!