Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dance Pics!

How beautiful are these?!!! A big HUGE thanks to our awesome friends Jen and Paul!!! Butler Photography is by new best friend!! We were finally able to do Abby's dance pictures and even got some of her in last years costume (the yellow one). Is it kind of sad that she still fit into it! I mean seriously it fit her perfectly still!!! She obviously on the petit side of things!! Anyway I am so excited how these turned out and cant wait to get some developed!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Well....... least it isn't food or condiments this time. And the markers are washable and not permanent. But man she was doing so good!!! We went and got her some "Lacey Lotion"-some baby lotion that I put in a small container. We also had a talk about not putting food on our arms, legs, and face and if you want to put some thing on then you can use Lacey's lotion! She was all excited and was putting it on and loving it! So I guess in her defence never in that talk did I say she couldn't use markers.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to School!

Well Abby made it through the summer! For her summer was just something that she had to deal with till school started. She has been dying for school to start pretty much since it ended in May.
We got her some new clothes and having them sit in the closet, not being able to wear them has been killing her! It was nice to be able to put the first day of school on our calender on the fridge because then she wasn't asking me every day when it was. Then to add to her torture/excitement last Thursday was Unpack Your Backpack Night. So we got to go find her classroom and put away all her supplies. At the end of the school year last year they already had the kids assigned to the next years classes so she was able to meet her teacher before summer. This year she had Mrs. Wall and Abby is one excited girl!! She had big smiles when I picked her up that day after school-she jumped in the car and said "I have Mrs. Wall!! I wanted her to be my teacher! She came into the gym one time when we were having gym class and she had on the coolest shirt Mom! And I said to myself "oh I hope she is my next teacher because she wears super pretty shirts!" ! How funny is she?!!
So anyway she has not stopped talking since we were there on Thursday. She has had her outfit all picked out and has been telling what she thinks she will say on Monday when she wakes up! She said "I think when I wake up on Monday and I remember that it is the first day of school then I will say "oh I'm so excited its the first day of school! School is starting school is starting!"!
She was all smiles when we took her to school and to her classroom. Then this afternoon she hops in the car and says "I had a GREAT day!"

Friday, August 13, 2010

War of the Walls

A war of the walls has begun in Stokerville- it seems to be 2 against 3. Bryan and Allison aka "The Rules and Cleanliness Enforcers" or RCE's against the 3 kids. Thier ultimate goal is to win obviously! They are fighting for the right to have clean walls. The opposing forces-Abby, Dylan and mostly Lacey aka "The In-House Graffiti Artists" or IHGA's for short are fighting against the No-Drawing-On-The-Walls rule. Now the leader of the IHGA's is not the oldest as you would expect. A funny change of influence happened when Lacey the youngest join the group. She became the undisputed leader. Armed with her imposing personality, strong lungs, loud voice and willingness to do harm to anyone around her, the older 2 members quickly cowered under her dominance. The 2 other members, Abby and Dylan knew the rules of Stokerville. Having been minor offenders once upon a time but quickly reformed after consequences were quickly enforced, they had led rule abiding lives from then on. All was calm on the walls until Lacey came of age and discovered what is usually the wonderful world of coloring. One day Lacey decided that the paper she had just wasnt big enough-she needed a big canvas for her masterpiece. She looked around and saw plenty of empty space on the wall. So quietly with a crafty smile on her face she drew on the wall. Abby and Dylan knowing the repercussions of alerting both sides of the rule breaking could not figure out from what side the would get the biggest punishment-from their leader they would be yelled at and possible chased down and beaten, from the RCE's they would have to clean it up, get a lecture and some solitary confinement. Weighing both sides they decided that it would be worse to upset their Leader. They then decided that if she could then they could and so began what they would call beautiful murals and what the RCE's call graffiti. The latest battle in the War of the Walls was waged just this morning. It has led to drastic measures being taken on the side of the RCE's and a massive regrouping of the IHGAs. The morning was quiet on all fronts till an Officer of the RCE realized it was a little too quiet and looked around to account for all the IHGAs. 2 were found and accounted for 1 was MIA. Dylan's name was called and he came to check in with his hands behind his back and an innocent smile on his face. Upon the following questioning it was discovered that he "wasn't doing anything in Lacey room" and was in possession of a contraband red crayon. An investigation was quickly launched. At the scene of the crime 3 things were discovered. First, Lacey was not involved, having gotten her graffiti urge out the day before with a black crayon on the yellow living room wall. Second, when asked Dylan readily confessed to drawing on the wall and third, Abby was also obviously involved in today's dirty work. Even though she wasn't around to question what was on the wall had her name written all over it. Literally-she wrote her name in red on the baseboard! Confessions were made and included answers to questions like "I don''t know", "just because" and "I know". Consequences were handed out including but not limited to cleaning up the mess they made and all of the contraband coloring instruments being thrown in the trashcan. Now while this latest attempt of the RCE to stop the colorful actions of the IHGAs is fresh and the full effect has not been felt, it will be soon enough. All coloring paraphernalia will be properly dealt with and stored till further notice. These changes might take a while to truly be felt by the members of the IHGAs-maybe days, maybe weeks. They will be under surveillance for any possible rebellions. (As an added note these actions might not have any effect on the offenders at all-all members of the IHGA are also members of the Kids-Against-Picking-Up-Toys aka KA-PUT's. The consequence handed out to them was all toys, books, everything taken way-they went over 6 months without asking for anything back).

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm having a flashback!

This morning while I was putting away clothes Lacey decided to have a little unsupervised fun. In the kitchen. With the butter.
At least this time she knew when she got caught she was in trouble and that didnt make her happy at all!!
Is anyone else having a flashback to a couple years ago??!! Lacey and some crisco? I really dont know what her deal is with playing in food. Crisco, butter, soap, lotion, sour cream, ketchup, ranch dressing-you name it and it has been on her arms, legs, face, and hair or in a fun little picture on the kitchen table. She is diffinatly ALOT busier that Abby or Dylan was. I think it is because she is the 3rd kid. Does anyone else have the 3rd kids curse?!!! (and I mean curse in the most loving way possible!!!)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Crazy Crazy!

Alright I am back! The laptop has been down for the count so blogging has been a little hard and then my energy level has been pretty much on low the last couple months! But the laptop is back so that makes me happy! Anyway update on us-Abby is registered for 1 grade and for her Ballet class so she is a happy camper. She is very excited for school to start-so am I cuz then I wont have to hear her ask everyday when school is starting! Dylan is sad that he cant go to school yet-but I have some preschool activities planned for him so that should make him happy! We are trying to get Lacey potty trained before the baby comes. She is doing pretty good so hopefully we will be able to get a few weeks diaper free! That would be awesome!! I am dying to redo the kids's rooms but Bryan keeps trying to hold me off! I know it seems like I am always redoing the kids rooms but really they haven't been completely finished and then we decide to rearrange what kids is in what room so what was going on the walls doesn't fit who is in the room!!! We are actually switching kids around again. Abby and Dylan will share the bunk beds in a room and Lacey will be in a room by herself. It is the only solution to deal with Lacey! She is such a stinker-she has a hard time going to sleep if anyone else is in the room and that keeps Abby and Dylan up because she will walk over anyone on the floor or throw pillows or poke someone-we have had all 3 sleeping in the same room because the girls room had the air unit in the window. So anyway Abby and Dylan will fall asleep quickly if Lacey isn't there and Lacey by herself falls asleep fast-so that is why the switch so we will see how that goes!! Anyway everything else is on the good side of things-we have a list of things we need to for the baby-which is just about everything! All the baby boy clothes I have from Dylan are summer so those wont work! And our infant carrier we have used for the others expired this year!! So the list goes on but I am waiting till school starts to worry about all that! Anyway off to put Lacey down for a nap that she wont take!!