Sunday, January 29, 2012

Time to complain

Alright I am will make this short. Just a little compaining! So I have been trying to get rid of my Bronchitis but it hasnt been working. I was supposed to get back to running this month and my goal was to be running a good 3 miles a day by the end of it but having been dealing with stupid bronchitis all month this obviously hasnt happened! So super annoying! I also have alot of projects for reorganizing stuff and havent been able to do that stuff either! So anyway I guess that is enough complaining. I am hoping that I will get able to get everything back to normal and feeling better soon---I have things to do!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

You did what?!

So there I was reading a book on the couch while Colby and Lacey were playing. All was wonderful and calm till Lacey came out with hair all wet and a stricken look on her face and said "mom look what I did to my hair!" Yep she cut it. I knew if any of the kids were going to do this that is was going to be her! The funny thing is is that she was all upset by it! It was almost as if she was surprised that the scissors actually cute her hair! So here she is with a lovely look on her face because now she knows she is in big trouble!
Luckily for her (and for me!) she cut them long. I think she was watching herself cut so that is why they weren't super short. But here she is after I fixed them.
She is just very lucky that she looks cute with bangs!! I dont think I would have ever cut her any so anyway good to know for her right!
But I do have to say that if she had cut bangs super short then she would have been wearing headbands and cute barrettes that would have been staying in her hair at all times in public!! yes I am that vain about how my kids look in public! I dont know what it is but especially with 4 kids I want them all to look nice and presentable! You know what I mean?!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Colby wants a snack.

Colby knows where the snacks are. It is his favorite cupboard and luckily he cant reach it! Lucky for me but not for him! He will come and just start jabbering and then walk away and looks back to see it you are following. Or if you are in the kitchen he will stand in front of the cupboard with his hands stretched in the air opening and closing his hands. It is pretty funny!!
Look how happy he is now that he got one of his favorite things!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


The snow finally came! Although honestly I would be very happy if this is all we got for the rest of the winter but I know that that is really not a possibility! Anyway it has been super cold the last couple days and I have been totally out of it with my year bout of bronchitis so the kids haven't been able to go out to play. But today it was like 35 degrees so we got everyone dressed and headed outside! Of course Abby, Dylan and Lacey we all about it and had a great time. Colby on the other hand wasn't too sure about all that white stuff. He has already had 1 run in with it and wasn't too thrilled about it! I had gone out to warm up the car and didn't know he was leaning up against the screen door so I opened it and down he plopped. Right in the snow-he was not a happy little guy!!
Colby finally got a little adventurous when we put him on the grass. Don't let the grass fool you, we got about a good 5 inches, we just needed to mow the yard one more time but that doesn't look like that is going to happen!
Building a snowman!
Then they tore it down about 2 minutes later!
yeah we need to work on Abby's aim-she said she was going to throw it at my stomach-she tossed it-I was watching her through the camera and didn't see where she threw it-it smacked me right in the eye!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

More Oklahoma!

Nice way to start Christmas morning huh?! Some nice warm milk! So to start this post off-I have had some problems with blogger being stupid while I was trying to compose it so I had to start new. I had everything written up and a really sweet heartfelt thing at the end but now it is basically just pic because I just want it done!!! (and sorry i dont have any pics of Luxie and Meadow opening presents because whenever I had the camera ready they werent opening anything and then it was hard to see them with kids and wrapping paper everywhere!)
The kids were all excited for Uncle Jeff to open his stocking. They had all gotten some coal along with some fun stuff so they were dying to know if he had gotten some too! and of course he did!
and he got this awesome shirt!! Most of the pics I got were from opening stocking stuff since it got really hectic after that!
Doesnt Eric look excited to up and passing out presents?! He really didnt have much room to complain since the kids didnt get up till after 7!
Dylan asked Uncle Eric to help him put together his Lego thing-how could he say no to that right?!
and Meadow asked Uncle Bryan to help her free a toy from its packaging.
Colby was having more fun with the boxes than playing with the toys he got!
One of the perks of being in Oklahoma was that while it was a little chilly it was still warm enough to go play outside! Here is Jeff capturing all the fun on video-it was hilarious!
Sarah started a tradition of new pajamas on Christmas Eve and wearing them all day on Christmas thats why they all match and look so cute! So we headed outside and it all started out nice and innocent with Bryan and Eric pitching to the kids.
Then they kids got bored and left to do other things-
--and that left the boys by themselves and with Bryan, Eric, Paul and Jeff that is a dangerous combination! It went from just pitching the ball to throwing it as hard as they could across the yard to someone and then throwing multiple balls at one time and then rapid fire.
and escalated to using this plastic pipe thing and putting the balls in and spinning so the balls fling out while someone tries to hit it! It was hilarious! And the most amazing thing was with all the kids running around no one got hurt!!
and for some reason whenever Paul was sitting on the flour he was fair game to jump on! They had been at this for like 10 minutes before I grabbed the camera.
it was such a fantastically fun time! I mean I love Bryan's family and Christmas with them is a lot of fun but there is just something about being with your own siblings that is just so much better! I totally miss those Goodrich Christmases. It was such a blast and I loved every moment of it! Love my sister, love my brother, and love Bryan for driving all the way down there!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


(this is alittle (ok alot) on the long side of things with TONS of pics because my Mom couldnt be there and she has been stalking my blog waiting to see pics! hehe!! love you Mom!!)
So this year after alot alot alot alot of talking I finally convinced Bryan that we needed to go to Oklahoma to visit my sister for Christmas. Well actually to surprise her! I know what you are thinking-"What?! oh no you didn't! not for Christmas!?"--but yes. yes I did. We did. The kids were awesome for our 11 hour drive down to Oklahoma. I had been texting Sarah all day to make sure she would be home when we got there. So we pull up and I call her and nothing. So I call and call and call and knock on the door and still nothing!! I called Eric and he answered and here is how it went-- Eric-Hey! Me-Hey! where is your wife? Eric-Well she isnt in my car, or at the corner of blah blah and blah blah cuz thats where I am. Me-Well she isnt answering her phone and she isnt at your house because I knocked on the door and she didnt answer! Eric-ummmm, you're there? Me-At your house? yes I am! Eric-ohhhhhkaaayyyy! well I will be home in 10 minutes. Me-alright we will be here! It was awesome! Eric was totally surprised! So he got home and we all went inside to wait for Sarah to get home. Eric had let thier dogs out and I thought it was him coming back in when I heard the door but when I turned the corner into thier living room Sarah was standing in the kitchen frozen with a very confused look on her face! Luxie and Meadow took off playing the my crew and I smiled at Sarah and said "Hi! Surprise! Merry Christmas!" She was like "Seriously?!" It was so much fun! We had been planning this for about half the year and successfully kept it from her! It was awesome! Then after the shock of us just showing up on the thursday before Christmas she got a call friday morning from Jeff saying he was at the airport and needed a ride to her house!! Say what?!! How much fun is that?! I mean he was totally in trouble for pulling the "I am just staying home with my snacks and my xbox and hanging out" lie! He even had Sarah and I looking for a box from him in the mail-the little stinker! But oh my gosh we had sooo much fun! Lots of laughing. Between Jeff, Eric and Paul (Erics brother) there was always something to laugh at! The kids had such a blast. We didnt tell them till we woke them up to get in the car! I had a hard time getting Lacey to get up. She kept telling me she wanted to sleep. Granted it was almost 3 in the morning! But when I asked her if she wanted to go to Aunt Sarah's she was instantly up and grabbing her stuff! They all played so well together with only a couple meltdown momments!
We had our big dinner on Christmas Eve so we could just chill out and eat left overs on Christmas Day. The food was super yummy but I dont have a pic sorry! Anyway after we ate and cleaned up the boys had to go run a last minute errand so while they were gone we popped in some Christmas music and the kids did some danceing while Sarah and I got the sugar cookies in the oven!
Cookie decorating fun!!!
After the cookies were decorated Sarah helped the kids write a letter to Santa and they any all got to pick a cookie to put on the plate-in this first pic Lacey was upset because she couldnt see!
Here is how Colby traveled around the house-you cant tell by this pic but he really did love it!
The girls hanging out with uncle Jeff while he helps Dylan with a Transformer.
So this brings up to Christmas Eve night! I think this was a long enough post so more to come!