Monday, January 26, 2009

Bryan on Twilight and Allison falling!

First of all Happy 100th post to me!
Well I finally talked Bryan into listening to Twilight on CD in the car. He listens to it to and from work and school so he was able to get through it pretty quickly. It was pretty funny after he had just started I asked him what he thought and he smiled and said he didn't want to tell me cause he had made so much fun of me when I read it! He liked-of course!! His only problem was that there is alot of "we-are-in-love-you-are-my-life" talk. My brother-in-law Mark said the same thing so I thought about that and decided that the reason they felt like that was because they are guys!!! As girls reading we are totally into the feelings and expressions and the whys and having it told from a girls point og view we get all those things. For a guy it seems like they just want to get on with the story!! He liked the book overall but is really furious with Bella because she want to be a vampire. He keeps calling her "that stupid girl". I wont tell him how anything turns out so that is bugging him too! I am getting New Moon for him next and I told him that he just has to get through the first half and then he will enjoy it!! We will see!
On another funny note I totally biffed it doing papers this morning! And it wasn't even because of the ice!! I have been trying to be extra careful because we have gone 2 and 1/2 years with only minor bumps and bruises and I just know that now that the end is so near something is going to happen and I will end up with a broken arm or something! So this morning I tripped on the sidewalk and fell straight on my knees and papers went flying!! I skinned my knee and that made me feel like a 2 year old! But the worst part was I ripped a hole in my most favorite pair of jeans!! That is totally not cool! I was so mad! So since that happened at the very beginning (of course) I spent the rest of the time with 4 degree cold air shooting in my jeans at the knee!! That was just fantastic!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Lacey's new skill!

Well Lacey has a new skill and it has taken me awhile to get a pic of it! She likes to climb up on the pic-nik table and chill out on it.
Unfortunately she hasn't quite figured out how to get down! She can get down off the couch or a bed but she hasn't mastered the table!
So she will sit and scream and cry till someone comes to rescue her! About 2 seconds before I took this picture she had her head down and was crying into the table. It was too funny but she was quicker than my camera and looked up before I could capture it!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is it cold enough?!

Let me start off by saying Holy Frozen Yogurt it is cold out here!! There are other places that are colder than here but you expect it from those places this is IOWA!!! When you think "Iowa" does -21 with a windchill of -50? Does it?!! Well it didn't to me!! That is COLD! Now close your eyes and picture this- you are nice and warm in bed, your alarm goes off (at 2:15 cuz you just got like 7 more inches of snow so you need more time for papers), you get up get dresses and you remember to put on a pair of fleece jamma pants under your other pants, get your hat and gloves and then you open your door and that disgustingly cold air whips you in the face! Talk about a wake-up call!! My car barely started and I had to come back home after I got started to put on another shirt find another pair of gloves and another hat!! Seriously that is way too cold!! We have ice on the inside of the window!! So is it cold enough? I say yes-it was cold enough when it reached 30 degrees!! Maybe we should learn something from the birds and all go south for the winter next year!!
Enough ranting! The other day when Bryan got home from work I went to the store by myself! Bryan knew I needed a little sanity time after being cooped up with 5 kids 4 and under for the last couple days! So I left and had a very nice relaxing time! No one was reaching for things, asking for things, telling the other person to stop looking at them, or to stop touching them! I got home about 6:30 and as I opened the door it opened to silence. I was like what? I go in and Bryan is laying on the couch and I only see Dylan who is asleep in the rocking chair with his plate of food. All the kids were asleep! Abby fell asleep at 5:30 waiting for dinner, Dylan held on to help Bryan make dinner and take one bite before he drifted off and Lacey ate and was promptly put in bed (she doesn't really care what time it is when she goes down well at least she can't tell us if she does yet!!). So Bryan knowing me as well as he does grabbed the camera and snapped some pics and even got a video of Dylan falling asleep sitting on the floor! Thanks Bry!! Well I guess when you wake-up before 6 for a week it is bound to catch-up with you sooner or later!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Wasn't workin!

Um yeah, that look wasn't really working for me so I am in the middle of changing it! I don't really know what it was but it just made me cringe everytime I got on! Hopefully this works better!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Busy Busy!

Well unfortunatly I don't have anything really cute or super funny to relate so I wouldn't blame you if you clicked on to the next blog!! We have been really busy at our house! I started babysitting for a lady that Bryan works with, which is why we are quiting the paper routes! Yea!! So anyway I am doing both during the week untill our time is up with the papers so I get up at 2:30 am home between 4:30-5ish, the boys (2 and 1 years old) come at 5:30! Yikes uh?! They go back to sleep and everyone gets up around 7. We do breakfast and then playtime -blah blah etc etc, lunch, naps and then the boys leave 2:30-3ish. So that is really nice but poor me! All last week I was asleep by 7:30!!! I didn't get anything done all week! And I had a lot of things to do!! So this weekend I was playing catch up! Hopefully I will be able to handle the schedule a little better this week!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Light at the end of the Tunnel

A light can be seen! Our days delivering papers are numbered! Yea!!! After two and half years of waking up at 2:30 in the mornibg I will now be able to sleep all night! I can not tell you how excited I am! The only problem is the the paper people continue to be really stupid and really irritating and because of some rule somewhere we won't be done till the end of February. But at least the countdown can begin!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stoker Family Holiday Party!

Every year after Christmas Bryan's parents host a family party. They buy gift enough gifts for everyone to have. We always have to play a game to earn our present so for some one like me who doesn't really appreciate being the center of attention I usually dread the game! Bryan family on the other hand thrives and sometimes competes for that spot! We started the night off with food-of course! Then we played a Christmas carol game. A name was drawn and then that person picked a category, answered the question and then if you agreed with the answer than you raised your hand and if you were right you go some candy! That game made everyone happy!
The next game was the funniest thing! Each group had a pair of pantyhose (un-used!!hehe!) and six small balloons. We had to blow up the balloon and stuff them in the hose, put it on someones head and then all had to sing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer! It was totally hysterical!
After that we had another round of Christmas Carol Karaoke! This time you get to enjoy the musical stylings of Bryan's sister Natalie and her husband Mark. I should mention that Natalie after hearing that I taped a video forbade me from putting it on the blog!! But she isn't at my house to stop me and I say it goes up!!
Don't let this last picture scare you! Lacey is getting her pacifier! She likes to play this game where you hold the pacifier backwards in your mouth and she will grab it with hers. For some reason she finds this very entertaining. She is constantly shoving her pacifier in our faces! Unfortunately for others that we are around Lacey being 15 months old really has no consideration for other's personal space and will try to shove her pacifier into any one's face who talks to her! This was her first time having any real interaction with her Uncle Mark and she just loved him! It was really cute!