Monday, June 29, 2009

The Circle of Life

Squirrels and kids don't mix. A few years ago my mom was doing home daycare. She had her sweet little 4 yr olds outside standing in a circle in the driveway under a tree playing a game when all of a sudden a squirrel fell from the tree into the middle of the circle. Dead. So they had a little talk. Today I was lucky enough to have the same talk with my kids. My guys were out running around with Emma our neighbor playing hide and seek. They had been all around the yard and were making another round then I hear "hey there is a dead squirrel over here!". Sometime between rounds around the yard this poor squirrel fell from the tree. Now obviously I don't know what happened since it was dead and couldn't talk and we don't live in a cartoon and it couldn't talk and it didn't make any noise on its fall down since it couldn't talk. So either it died in the tree and fell or since it was super windy it got blown out of the tree and died on impact! Who knows!! So when Bryan got home the kids gathered round as Bryan buried it! What a way to end the afternoon!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Busy day!

This morning we had a primary activity. It turned out awesome and I think that all the kids had a good time! I had some things to get ready for it and of course ended up doing it late last night. I don't know why that happens but I always seem to be up the night before no matter how well I plan! We did a patriotic theme. You can see more of what we did and some pics on our primary blog. We had about 23 kids come and considering we only have around 30 that is a pretty good turn out! Dylan and Lacey enjoyed running around and not being in the house! They really shouldn't have been there since they are not old enough but Bryan had to be there too so they got to come hang out! We were actually able to have it outside since the heat broke alittle! The only bad thing was as the morning turn into afternoon and we were still outside it got HOT!!! By the time we got home after cleaning up and setting up for tomorrow I was totally wiped out! It is really fun to see Abby in primary. It is fun to watch her with all the other kids and how she interacts with them. I got to sub her class last sunday and that was very interesting! It was the first time I have been in her class and it was really I don't even know what the right word is, saying it was an eye opener sounds like it was bad, I guess it was more like shock that she is actually her own person and can go on without me! It kinda freaked me out alittle! It was weird!

Umm Eww Gross.

A couple nights ago I sent Abby and Dylan into brush their teeth only to remember as they were rounding the corner to the bathroom that I left my wedding ring and band by the mirror by the mason jar that holds the toothbrushes. I was like "oh man!" and ran in there in time to save my wedding ring but not quick enough for the band! I asked them where the ring was in hopes that one of them was wearing it but they both just looked at me and then pointed down the drain. Great. I told Bryan what happened and he said he would come get it for me. He was up really late studying for a math test and then up and out early in the morning so I took matters into my own hands and become an amateur plumber! So I turned off the water and loosened the pipe stuff (that is an actual pumbing term!) and then stuck my finger down and around in the u-bend. It was totally gross!! I finally fished it out and put everything back and nothing was leaking so I was pretty proud of myself. Then I cleaned my ring-really well.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


We finally got to go outside yesterday. The heat and the humidity have been crazy!! I am talking about 90 degrees and 105 heat index at 10 in the morning!! I think that is a little much! Today we woke up to 97% humidity. Doesn't make you excited to go outside but since the temps should be in the lower 90's and no heat advisory I think we might be able to play in the water today! We have been on the busy side of things lately. Bryan is taking a summer math class that is going at warp speed so when he is home he is holed up downstairs doing homework or studying for a test. The class is almost done and I think he will be glad to have this class check marked off! I have been getting the house squared away as my "free time" dwindles down to nothing on monday when I start babysitting again. Not very excited about that but the money is always nice. We also have a primary activity this weekend that I have been getting ready for. I am really excited about it! We are doing some fun stuff in honor of the Fourth of July! This way anything they make they can wear or display on the Fourth. It is going to be a blast!! On the kid front-Lacey has a new set of words that include "No" said with a very fierce scowl and "stop it" said whenever anyone looks or says something to her! I just tell myself that her new attitude is terrible two stuff plus it is easy to laugh at her because she makes the best faces when she is mad. So for now it doesn't really bother me, but in a couple months........! Dylan is in full boy mode complete with the unfocused what do you mean my room needs to be cleaned up look when you ask him to clean up his toys because they are scattered on the floor. Abby is way excited for school to start. We got her Letter in the mail that tells us who her teacher is and her Unpack your Backpack Night Aug.11th. She also asks everyday if it is time to go to school yet. Everyday. EVERYDAY!!! If you know me you know I am not a big fan of lots of questions. So it is very frustrating and helps me gain a few notches on my patience meter!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I love my sister!

Well these past 2 weeks we have been had family visiting! My parents and brother Jeff were out the weekend before last as well as my sister and her family. It was so much fun! Sarah and Eric took off for a much needed couple time and we had fun with the girls for the week. They got back this last sunday and decided to stay a couple days before going home. Let me just say that I love my sister. She is awesome and we have so much fun together. It has always been sad to leave whenever we have gotten together and I don't know what is different about this time but man I miss her! She gave me a hug and she started tearing up and I told her to stop that! I was good till she left but then the tears started and have been very near the surface all day!! If I think about them leaving at all or that I probably wont see her again till next summer then my eyes start to well up with tears before I can stop them and they fall and that makes me mad because I am being silly. I just wish that she could live closer so we could see each other a little more and visit. But whatever. Some times life is just stupid.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Playing with cousins!

Well now we embark on our fun-filled week with Luxie and Meadow! To add to the fun my sister-in-law-in-law (not type-o!) and her two chilins Josh and Brooklyn came out for a visit on Sunday. It is really fun to see them because they haven't been here for a couple years. My father-in-law has one of those blow-up bouncing things and brought it out for the kids. The only problem is is that it completly freakes out my kids! Give them a tall slide or a climbing wall no problem, something that makes noise-no way!! Everytime he has gotten it out Abby has refused to get in and ran crying from the room (it also doesnt help that her Papa grabed her and try to throw her in it!). So the cousins Josh, Brooklyn, Garrett, Luxie and Meadow and even Lacey all jumped in it. And I am proud to say that after much talking Abby got in and while I wouldnt say she loved it, she did have a good time! Also I must say how proud I am of Luxie, the last time she stayed with us whenever there where a lot of people or a lot of stuff going on she would just lay down and go to sleep. This time she was right in the thick of things and having a total blast!
Today was absolutly beautiful so we were able to spend some time outside. We got out the bikes and had to diffuse a coupe arguments of who got to ride what and when. The funniest thing was watching the girls play hide-and-seek. There arent many places to hide in our wide open back yard but they managed and had a lot of fun!
While the bigger girls were running around and Dylan was trying to stay away from all the girls, the little girls discovered the sand box.
While Meadow got in trouble for doing this with the sand......
Lacey got in trouble for eating it!