Thursday, July 23, 2009


This is totally funny!!! On one of my favorite Twilight sights there is a link for BK New Moon promo crowns!! How Funny is that?!!! They are in BK's in November! I don't know about you guys but I am getting one. Or two.

So Sweet!

I snapped this of Lacey this afternoon and I thought it was just so sweet! I was putting away the dishes and she was jabbering away, I turned around and she was just chillin on that table!

Rain Day!

The other day I let the kids go out and play in the rain. They were so excited! In the video they arent doing much and it isnt very exciting but I just love that you can hear them screaming, they were so happy!

Repeat Button

Abby had discovered the repeat button on her cd player. And boy does she love!! She picks her favorite song from a cd and then plays it over and over and over and over again! The good thing is is that she switches it every week or so but until another one catches her ear we are stuck listening to the one she likes! She put it on during the day but mostly when she goes to sleep. And she puts it on LOUD! I usually go and turn it down and turn off the repeat button after she goes to sleep. The last couple weeks it has been the Hoedown Throwdown from the Hannah Montana movie soundtrack. Our little neighbor invited Abby to go and see the movie and she just loved that song! But this week we have a new song of choice it is Noodle on my Head by Voice Male. It is a cute song, well at least it was the first 50 times I heard it!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Help! Can you tame this?!

Yesterday I gave Abby and Dylan some ice cream in a waffle bowl and I told them they could eat the bowl too and how cool it that?! They were way excited and both had huge smiles. I left the kitchen only to hear cries of distress a few minutes later. I walked in the kitchen and Abby was all distraught because her scoop of ice cream was sitting on a little circle of what was left of her waffle bowl! She didn't want to touch it because it was cold but couldn't get it to stay still when She tried to scoop it with her spoon! I was like "That's why I told you to eat it after you ate your ice cream!" Dylan on the other hand just picked up the waffle bowl and ice cream and ate it like a sandwich! Hey whatever works!!!!
The kids all had baths last night and i just couldn't pass up a chance to share some pics of Abby's fro! It has been a while since I took some. This is her hair after a bath and sleeping on it. Her hair is just a little out of control!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter!

Bryan and I went on a double date with some friends(obviously!!) to the midnight showing of the Half Blood Prince. There were so many people there it was just crazy!! They had 5 showings! Tons of people were dressed-up as just about anyone you can think of. It was really funny, people walking around with stuffed owl and cats. One guy was dressed up like Dumbledore.
So about the movie, I am not going to spoil anything! I thought it was AWESOME!!! I cant say it was my favorite because the feeling is just different from the other movies as is the book. It is a little lighter and way totally funny!! And not quite the you-could-die-at-any-minute type feeling. But then I couldn't really pick a fav out of any of them!!
I thought that it flowed well and stay pretty true to the book. Of course they take some liberties with the storyline as is usual and unfortunately they cant put everything from the book in the movie but that's alright! We will take what we can get!
This totally leaves me excited for Deathly Hallows part 1 next year!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Time!

These are just a couple pics of our big family 4th celebration! I am still waiting for some from the smart ones who remembered their cameras but these are a couple I had on my phone. This one is Abby's attempt at the watermelon seed spiting competition.
These next two are of the pie eating competition. This was totally hysterical! We had a kid division and an adult division. All the kids really got into it!
After the second round between Sydney and Madison, Sydney looked up and had pudding all in her hair, Madison looked up and saw her, started laughing and spit what she had left in her mouth and it hit Sydney! It was totally funny!
I didn't even attempt to get pics of the adult race. It was disgustingly fast! They did three round I think and it was hard to watch!! Totally not my cup of tea!!

A little more with the cousins

These are a little old side but not too old! When my parents and my sister and her little family were in town while the boys went and toured one of John Deere factories we went to the mall with the kids and my mom bought them all a build-a-bear. They were all so excited to do all the stuff they have to do. I was a little worried because in past visits Abby and Dylan have been afraid of the fluff machine but this time they were awesome and even stepped on the pedal by themselves! One funny thing is that Abby and Luxie both picked out the same bear, separately picked out the same outfit and then wanted to name their bears the same thing. They had so much fun together! So a big thanks to grandma!!! It was fun and very thankfully it wasn't busy because those kids were everywhere!!
After the mall we met up with the boys for lunch at BK. Of course they all had to have a crown!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the almost 2 yr old

Lacey is almost 2 and has the attitude to prove it! Abby and Dylan will have another thing coming if they think they will be able to push her around! She has started this thing where she folds her arms, scowls and says "No" when you ask her to do something. She will come and do it or come with you or whatever she just likes to have her say about the matter first!
She also kinda rams you with her head when she gets mad. It is really funny to watch. She is really strong! She usually does this when Abby or Dylan has a toy she wants, something that she feels is hers, or something they took from her. She puts her head down and then just pushes and pushes them, until they either give it up, she gets it from them or we pull her away. Abby and Dylan usually scream for help because they usually end up knocked over on the floor with Lacey ramming them while she is on all fours!
They just wont listen when I tell them they cant take toys from her.
She is definitely a force to be reckoned with!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

happy 4th!

Happy Fourth to everyone! A big huge thanks to all who have served our country!
We had a total blast at the family bbq last night. Unfortunately the day leading up to it was less than fun and I ended up forgetting my camera but I am getting pics for other people so I will be posting those soon! Bryan, Abby and Dylan camped out and then this morning we had breakfast before coming home grabbing quick shower and heading off to our little parade.
It was raining this morning not really hard just enough to make it annoying. We went over to a friends house and sat on their lawn. The kids kept themselves busy waiting for the parade to get to us.
In a really good mid-west parade 3/4ths of it is tractors! There were ALOT of them this year despite the rain!
After the parade we had lunch with some friends. Abby was so excited that the rain kept coming down and there wasent any lightning. She has been dying to play in the rain!! Bryan threw a frisbee with Abby and Dylan. They thought that was great fun!
Lacey thinks that she has dibs on ohhh any food that is lying around. She ate hers and then saw Dylans plate-didn't pay any attention to Dylan sitting there- and grabbed his hotdog and when he tried to get it back she yelled at him and held it out of his reach! It was totally funny! By the time we got it out of her hand she had licked off all the mustard and took a bite as fast as she could and then of course Dylan didnt want it back! We had to calm him down and go get him another one. It was way funny!
We then came home where everyone is taking a nice long nap and my house while not as clean as I would like it to be it is quiet!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009


Yesterday Lacey started trying to jump. That is one of my most favorite things! I love watching her try to figure out how it works. She watches Abby and Dylan with a very intense face and then squats down and shoots up on to her tippy toes. She hasent quite figured out how to do it by herself but she can jump if she is holding on to my hands. She jumps and then claps and cheers for herself! she is so cute! Bryan's mom has a huge family thing planned for this evening compete with family olympics and trophies and everything! I am going to go out on a huge leap and say that I will be watching only! If you know me you know that I am not one to really be in the middle of things! But I love watching others do that stuff! So anyway along with the games and bbq everyone is camping also. Now anyone with young kids knows that you keep fun things you are going to do quiet untill you are leaving or you will be driven crazy with questions! I have kept the camping to myself knowing that Abby and Dylan would only talk about it and ask me when we were going all week long if I told them. So this morning in an effort to motivate them to clean their rooms Bryan told them we were going camping. And then it began. Screams. Excitment. Questions. Questions. Questions. He was like "oh my gosh! I thought that would get them to clean up!". It did get Abby to get her room clean- of course that is after we were forced to answer her same 5 questions- yes we are going camping, no we arent going right now, yea we are going later, yes you and Dylan get to sleep outside, no we are not going right now, not till after naptime, no you dont have to go to sleep but you do have to have a little rest time, yes after that we will go.